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  • Any audio/video file; interviews, meetings, conferences, podcasts, sermons, dictations, etc.
  • Flat rates for clean files with American speakers
  • Additional $0.50/minute to $2.00/minute for others
  • 4-step transcription process for maximum accuracy
  • Confidential; access restricted strictly on a need to know basis
  • Hassle free, easy-to-use service for Academics, Journalists, Writers, Researchers

Detail makes it easy for you to get high-quality transcripts of your audio/video files. Just upload your files, select your desired turnaround time and place the order online. The transcripts will be ready before the deadline and you can download the transcripts from your account. The transcripts are provided as Microsoft Word, OpenDocument Text, Adobe PDF and plain text files, and are time-coded (view sample). We follow a 4-step transcription process where the initial work is done by our home-based certified transcribers (2-steps) and then QA'ed by our dedicated team (2-steps), allowing us to guarantee a minimum accuracy of 99%. You can check the transcript as it's being done and even order a free re-review if the transcript quality is unsatisfactory.

We have expertise in interview transcription, webinar transcription, podcast transcription, sermon transcription, focus group transcription, lecture transcription and video transcription. We provide general transcription services as well as specialized transcription services for academic transcription, legal transcription, and business transcription.

With you don't have to worry about hidden costs. We charge flat transcription rates for all types files; interviews, podcasts, conferences, meetings, focus groups, etcetera except if the audio quality is poor or the speakers are non-American. We charge by the minute of audio; not the amount of time spent working on the file. We also provide a range of options to customize the transcript as per your needs.

Our transcripts are high-quality, consistent, well-researched and delivered on time. We research the tough words, acronyms, names of places and other contextual information. Incomprehensible portions are marked with a blank and time-stamped so that you can easily cross-check with the audio file.

We are focussed on high audio/video quality files with American speakers. We offer the cheapest rate for such files with very high accuracy.

We have been in business since 2008 and transcribed more than 6,221,048.55 minutes of audio to date.


How To

Upload or import any audio/video file
Pay as per your desired turnaround time
Check and download transcripts

The first time an order is placed, an account on will be created for you with the email address supplied during payment. You can then monitor the progress of your files, view the draft transcript and finally download the transcripts once they are delivered from your account. You can use the same account when ordering future transcripts.



We require payments to be made in advance via credit card and/or PayPal for order amounts of less than $1000. We also support billing/invoicing for larger orders. A contract has to be executed to set up a billing account. Please contact us for additional information.


Manual Transcripts Delivery Policy

The turnaround time is indicative and files may be delayed during holidays and weekends or due to excessive load or backlog.

Additional charges may apply for files with non-American accents, poor audio quality, distortions, distant speakers, high background and/or ambient noise. A full refund will be issued if the additional charges is unacceptable, or if the file is un-transcribeable.

Files longer than 3 hours may cause a delay. To avoid that delay please consider splitting the file into two or more parts by trimming it. The split point should be chosen so that the conversation is not interrupted and each part is no longer than 3 hours.

A delivery limit of 20 hours of transcripts per week, 4 hours or 50 files per day (approximately) per account may apply for bulk orders. If your order is longer than the limit, we will deliver at least 4 hours of transcripts each day until all your files are completed. For example, if you order 6 files of 1 hour each, you'll receive the first 4 files the next day and the other two the day after. To avoid the delivery limit, please choose the Rush order. We will try to deliver all the files as fast as possible.


Refund Policy

The transcript order can be cancelled anytime before it reaches 60% completion (as assessed by progress percentage). Any refunds are proportional and are issued after deducting the cost of work already completed on each file. Refunds are sent directly back to the payment method which was used.

We do not offer refunds after the transcript has been delivered. However, we offer free re-reviews if the transcript quality is unsatisfactory. We will redo the transcript as many times as required to achieve the 99% minimum accuracy that we promise.

We also do not offer refunds for blank portions in the audio file where there is no spoken audio. We recommend editing the audio file with Audacity or using start/end time option instead.


Integrated Editor

The Integrated Editor is an online tool which helps you quickly and effciently check the transcript against the audio file. Click on any time in the audio waveform and the cursor will appear in the corresponding position in the transcript (accurate to +/- 50 characters). Conversely, place the cursor in any position of the text and you can play the corresponding audio (accurate to +/- 10 seconds). Additionally, you can also play from the start of paragraphs, check and edit any in-audibles which are timestamped and marked with a blank, and cycle through blanks. On Google Chrome, audio playback can also be sped up or slowed down to carefully examine difficult audio sections. Various keyboard shortcuts are also available to help you navigate without the mouse. The editor can be launched from the Check & Download button from the Uploaded Files page on your account.

The Integrated Editor is one-of-a-kind tool developed entirely in-house and is a huge time saver for assessing the accuracy of the transcript. We strongly recommend that you check the file before downloading and add those last finishing touches before using it for your end purpose. Please also read The Integrated Editor blog post on how to use this tool and learn about keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate its functions more efficiently.



Maintaining confidentiality of all transcription files is our highest priority. Access to the files is restricted strictly on a need to know basis. Only our employees and contractors have access to the full audio. All our transcribers, employees and contractors are also bound by a confidentiality clause in the Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, you have full control over your files. Once you delete the files, we remove it permanently from our servers. You can also delete your account anytime.

We also split up the file into smaller parts before we distribute it to our transcribers. That way they only have access to parts of the file. Nobody but our employees and contractors have access to the full audio file. We also use industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption on our website so that all communication between servers and browsers is encrypted.

We absolutely do not sell, rent or share personal information with third parties. The Privacy Policy applies to all data uploaded to our servers, including the transcripts. If you need a specific confidentiality agreement signed, then please send the document to and we will get back to you.

Please note that we are not currently HIPAA compliant.


Transcript Quality

Our minimum quality standard is 99% accuracy and the transcripts are delivered only when this criterion is met. Our 4-step transcription process ensures that each file is checked multiple times by different people. More eyes and ears on the file results in a better quality transcript. We also do any research required for technical terms and acronyms. Our Proofreaders are chosen only from the best of certified transcribers. We also have subject matter experts for Legal Transcription, Academic Transcription and Business Transcription as well as accent experts for Indian, African and other non-native accents.

Our philosophy is to keep re-working the file till the minimum quality standard is achieved. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team and all the team members are carefully chosen and vetted. They have been trained in the Proofreading and QC process. Our process itself is very structured and with the help of tools can efficiently identify files which need reworking. The proofreading step is repeated with a different proofreader whenever the QC fails and delivered only when the QC passes with minimum 99% accuracy.

Accuracy also depends on the quality of the audio file and the difficulty level. The accuracy may be lower if the file contains background noise, or if the speakers cannot be heard clearly, or if the speakers’ diction or accent is hard to comprehend. Such files may require 1 week to deliver instead of 1 day since it requires extra effort to transcribe accurately. The full amount paid will be refunded if the file is un-transcribeable.

You can also order a free re-review if the transcript quality is not satisfactory after the transcript has been delivered. The re-review order can be placed from your account along with specific instructions you may have. The file will be proofread once more and re-delivered. Re-review orders take 1 business day to process.

In contrast, our competitors follow a 2-step process which has proven to be a failure in the industry. Transcription is a highly skill based task and achieving high accuracy with a 2-step process is very hard to achieve at scale. Our 4-step process is designed to scale and produce high accuracy transcripts consistently.

We do not offer refunds after the transcript has been delivered. However, the transcript order can be canceled at any time until it reaches 60% completion.


Free re-reviews

We offer free re-reviews if the transcript quality is found to be unsatisfactory after delivery. The re-review order can be placed from your account and along with specific instructions you may have. The file will be proofread once more and re-delivered. Re-review orders take 1 business day to process.

We strive to maintain a high level of quality and take customer feedback very seriously. For each re-review order placed we investigate the root causes and address them to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

We do not offer refunds after the transcript has been delivered. However, the transcript order can be cancelled at any time until it reaches 60% completion.


Cancellation Policy

The transcript order can be canceled any time before it reaches 60% completion. The refund is processed within 1 business day and the amount depends on the progress. We calculate this by multiplying the amount paid multiplied by the percentage progress of the file. Therefore, if the progress is 0% then the full amount will be refunded. Upon cancellation, the draft transcript (for the percentage that has been completed) can be downloaded as a text file from your account.

We do not offer refunds after the transcript has been delivered. However, we offer free re-reviews once the transcript has been delivered.


Group Accounts

You can share your account on with others via our Teams feature. Each team member will be given individual login credentials and will have full access to your account and vice versa. They can upload files, order transcripts, check the transcripts, etc. The payment method added by the first team member is also shared with everyone else and orders can be placed using that. All team members are also cc'd in all the important email notifications. This feature allows you to share your files securely with another person without sharing your password.

You can add/manage team members from the settings page. There is no upper limit to the number of members.


Account Credits

Account credits are funds which you can add to your Scribie account and use it later to pay for transcript orders, automated transcripts or any other payments on Scribie. You can add anywhere from $10 to $15,000 at a time. Account credits can be also be shared with team members and they do not expire. However, they are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We also offer free credits of $50 if $500 or more account credit is added at a time and $100 free credits on addition $1000 or more account credits. If you plan to spend more than $500 on Scribie over a period of time then you can save around 10% on the transcription cost by availing this offer.

You can add credits from the settings page.


Transcription Process

We follow a 4-step transcription process. The initial work is done by our certified home-based freelancers (2-steps) and then QC'ed by our dedicated QA team (2-steps) thereby allowing us to guarantee a minimum accuracy level of 99%. Our philosophy is to keep re-working the transcript till the minimum quality standard is achieved. The following is an illustration of our process.

  • Transcription
  • Review
  • Proofreading
  • Quality Check

1. Transcription: The file is split into shorter segments and is transcribed by our certified home-based freelancers. The incomprehensible parts are marked with blanks.

2. Review: The transcript is checked for mistakes and corrected. Timestamps and speaker tracking are also added at this stage.

3. Proofreading: All segments are combined to produce the final transcript. The transcript is proofread once to correct inconsistencies and mistakes.

4. Quality Check: The quality is assessed and delivered if the accuracy is found to be 99% or more. The file keeps alternating between Proofreading and QC steps till the minimum accuracy of 99% is achieved.

Our online transcription system manages all of the above stages. All our transcribers are home-based freelancers who have gone through our certification process and are paid on an hourly basis for the work done. The system monitors their performance and manages the payments made to them. We provide them with tools to efficiently transcribe files and a comprehensive set of guidelines for transcription. The guidelines are enforced strictly and their performance is graded. The transcripts are prepared segment by segment and quality improves at each stage.

We have re-thought the audio transcription process for the internet-age and designed our audio transcription system from scratch to produce the best quality transcripts at the least cost and effort. Our system and service has a proven track record. We have completed more than 6,221,048.55 minutes of transcription to date. The following are some unique features which our system provides.

  • Accurate measurement of transcript progress. You can track the progress and check the draft transcript anytime.
  • Collaborative team to on each file, resulting in higher transcript quality. Even the shortest file is worked upon by more than three people.
  • Faster completion time since a number of people can work on different parts of the transcript simultaneously.
  • Consistent and repeatable results due to a common set of guidelines.

Our system is unique and can be best described as a Mechanical Turk for audio transcription. A series of posts on our blog describes the Transcription System in detail.


Default Transcript Format

The text of the transcript is broken into paragraphs and each speaker's diction is transcribed on a new paragraph. New paragraphs are started at every change of speaker or at every 3 minutes, whichever is earlier. We also provide audio time-coding and speaker tracking by default. If names of speakers are provided or mentioned in the audio, then they are used. If not, Speaker 1, Speaker 2 and so on are used. For an illustration, please check the sample transcript. For monologues, the speaker name or Speaker 1 is used throughout. Monologues are also broken into paragraphs at every 3 minutes, roughly. Both audio time-coding and speaker tracking can be disabled when ordering or downloading the transcript. The transcript does not include any speech analysis symbols.

The transcripts are clean verbatim by default and all utterances (e.g. 'mm-hmmn', 'uh-huh', 'um', 'uh'), fillers (e.g., 'you know', 'like', 'right', 'so'), interjections and false starts are omitted. Conversely, everything is included when the Strict Verbatim option is enabled.

The spelling style can also be specified along with the order. Currently we support American, British, Australian and Canadian English style spellings. It is automatically chosen based on your current location, if not specified. Please contact us with your requirement for more options.

The start/end time of transcription can also be specified. The audio file is trimmed and a new file is created containing only the specified portion which can then be ordered.


Custom Transcript Format

Custom formatting is provided on request and is charged extra depending on the requirements. The charge depends on the complexity of requirements and the variance from the default format. Please contact us with your requirements for an exact quote.


Transcript File Formats

The transcript files are delivered in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
  • Plain text (.txt)

A template file is used for conversion for the first three formats. We provide four template files which can be chosen while ordering or downloading. The templates are double and single spaced versions of the Scribie template (which contain a title page, header & footer) and a blank template (which contains nothing other than the transcript).

The sample transcript has been formatted with Scribie Single Line Spaced template. We also support custom template files. Please contact us with your template file to have it set up.


Time coding

We provide audio time-coding by default. Time-coding refers to the process of adding the running time of the audio before each paragraph. New paragraphs are started at every change of speaker or 3 minutes, whichever is earlier. Each paragraph begins with the audio time which indicates the running time of the audio file at which the particular speaker started speaking for that paragraph. We provide an accuracy of +/- 1 second for the time stamp. For higher accuracies, please contact us.

We also support video time-coding where the Burnt-In Time Code (BITC) or on-screen time code is used instead of the audio time-codes. There is an additional charge of $0.50/minute for video time-coding. We require the video files to be uploaded with the time code burnt into the screen to be able to use the video time codes. Please enable the BITC option before placing the order to request BITC.


Speaker Tracking

We provide speaker tracking by default. Speaker tracking refers to the process of adding the speaker tags before each paragraph. New paragraphs are started at every change of speaker or every 3 minutes, whichever is earlier. Before each paragraph, we add the speaker name, if available, or their order of appearance in the audio, e.g. Speaker 1, Speaker 2 etc. We also provide an option to specify the speaker names before the order is placed. The speaker names can also be changed after the file has been delivered using our Integrated Editor.

We do not have any maximum number of speakers to be tracked. However, it may be difficult to identify the speakers if there are more than four or more speakers in any file. We mark such speakers as S? in the transcript. This issue can be avoided if the speakers speak aloud their names at each turn. Otherwise the speaker tracking is best-effort and we cannot guarantee the correctness.

There is no extra charge for speaker tracking, even for multiple files.


Accented Speakers

Our base rates are applicable only for files with American accent speakers and we charge additional for other accents. We have expertise in British, Australian, Indian, African, various European and Asian accents. We guarantee 99% accuracy for accented speaker files as well. Accented files may require longer time and also incur additional charges.


Noisy Files

We can transcribe files recorded in noisy backgrounds such as café's, crowds etc. as long as the main speakers are clear and audible. Files with ambient background noise, e.g. air conditioning hiss, can also be transcribed provided the main speakers can be heard clearly. If the files are untranscribable, a full refund is issued. Such files may also require a longer time to process and also incur the additional charges.


Strict Verbatim

Our transcripts do not contain the utterances (e.g. "umm's", "ah's", "mm-hmms", "uh-huh", etc.) by default. We omit these utterances to make the transcript easier to read. We have an option for strict verbatim. We include all utterances if this option is enabled.

We charge an additional $0.50/minute of audio for strict verbatim files.


Subtitle File

We also provide subtitle files in SubRip (.srt) and WebVTT (.vtt) formats. The Subtitle File order option has to be enabled for it. Only basic versions are supported, without any style markup. The time-code accuracy is +/- 1 seconds. Please contact us if you require subtitle files in other formats.

We charge an additional $0.50/minute of audio for subtitle files.


Additional Charges

Our rates and turnaround times are applicable only for files with clean audio and American speakers. An additional charge of $0.50/minute to $2.00/minute and a delay may apply for files with the following issues.

  • Ambient Noise (eg., hiss, line noise, static, background music/voices)
  • Noisy Environment (eg., street, bar, restaurant or other loud noises in background)
  • Distant Speakers (eg., faint, distant voices)
  • Accented Speakers (eg., British, Australian, Indian, Hispanic, any other non-American)
  • Audio Breaks (eg., bad phone line, audio gaps)
  • Disturbances (eg., loud typing sounds, rustling, wind howling, breathing sounds)
  • Distortion (eg., volume distortion, shrill voices, clipping, artifacts)
  • Unclear Speakers (eg., muttering, volume variation, frequent overlaps)
  • Echo (eg., reverberation, same voice can be heard twice)
  • Quality (eg., low sampling/bit rate, bad conference line, recorded off speakers)
  • Diction (eg., slurring, rapid speaking, unnatural pronunciation)
  • Muffled (eg., hidden or obstructed microphone, vintage tapes)

The charge is NOT automatic and it can be declined. Additional charges are non-negotiable and final. As per our terms of service, our assessment final and binding and any disagreement will lead to immediate cancellation of the order.

As per our data, files with one or more of the above listed issues require around 3 to 4 times the amount of effort to ensure 99% accuracy. We have found that compensating our transcribers for the additional time and effort is the most efficient way to achieve our goal of 99% accuracy since it distributes the effort evenly across the 4 steps of our process. Therefore we have optimized our system for clean files with American speakers, and we provide the best accuracy to price ratio for such files.

Please check the Recording Guide for recommendations on how to avoid these charges and read our manifesto for the broader reasoning behind this policy.


Order Options

We provide a range of options which can be specified at the time of ordering by clicking the Options button on the payment page. The following options are supported.

Strict Verbatim: We will include all utterances, e.g. 'mm-hmm', 'uh-huh', 'umm', 'uh' in the transcript. By default transcripts are non-strict verbatim and do not include these words unless necessary. An additional charge of $0.50/minute of audio is applicable for this option.

Subtitle File: We will deliver a subtitle file along with the transcript. The subtitles will be formatted as VTT/SRT and can be used as a YouTube caption file or with other video players. An additional charge of $0.50/minute is applicable for this option.

BITC: The Burnt-In Time Code in the video frame will be used for time coding the transcript. An additional charge of $0.50/minute is applicable for this option.

Audio Time-coding: The audio time stamp will be added before each paragraph. New paragraphs are started at every change of speaker or at every 3 minutes, whichever is earlier. This helps in cross-referencing the transcript with the audio file. No additional charges apply for this option.

Speaker Tracking: Speaker identification will be added before each paragraph. New paragraphs are started at every change of speaker or at ever 3 minutes, whichever is earlier. The names of speakers, as provided or as spoken in the audio, will be used. Speaker 1, Speaker 2 and so on will be used if none are available. The speaker tracking format can be either speaker initials or full names which can also be specified. No additional charges are applicable for this option.

Spelling Style: This option allows you to specify the spelling style. We currently support American, British, Australian and Canadian styles.

Start/End Time: This option allows you to specify the start and/or end time stamps of transcription, in case only a portion of the audio file needs to be transcribed. A new audio file will be created containing the specified portion which can then be ordered.

Transcript Template: This option allows you to specify the template file used for document conversion. There are four transcript templates available. The Formatting section has more information on the templates.


Transcription Progress Tracking

Our Transcription Progress Tracking feature enables you to track the progress of a transcript from your account at any stage. We provide the completion percentage as well as the draft transcript. The percentage is calculated based on the stage of the workflow at any point in time. The draft transcript is the actual completed transcript. The accuracy of the draft transcript may be lower and may also contain inconsistencies (all of which will be corrected at the Proofreading stage). The following is the mapping between the percentage and the stage of the process.

Percent Range Stage
0-59% Transcription
60-89% Review
90-97% Proofreading
98% Quality Checks

Progress Tracking is a unique feature of The draft transcript is also very useful if you need something to work on right away. The Transcript Progress blog post has more details about this feature.


Why Choose Us?

Our transcription service offers features that save you time and money. Transcription is a very labor intensive work and we ensure that you get the best possible transcript.

  • Our transcription process ensures that the file is checked multiple times by different people. Even the shortest file is worked on by more than three people. More eyes and ears produce a higher quality transcript.
  • You pay a fixed price for the transcript based on the audio length and not the time spent transcribing.
  • We carefully vet each one of our transcribers and continuously monitor their performance.
  • We research uncommon terms, acronyms, etc. and ensure that the transcripts are contextually correct.
  • We deliver files on time. If we anticipate a delay then we will inform you well in advance.
  • You can monitor the progress and check the Draft Transcript from your account at any stage.
  • You can order a free re-review if you are not satisfied with the transcript.
  • We are consistent, predictable and accurate. You can plan around us.
  • As a company, we take confidentiality very seriously and we handle your files with care. We are responsive and responsible.


Sample Audio and Transcript

The following is a sample audio and the corresponding transcript. More sample transcripts are available on our blog at the following link.


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