Dissertation Transcription – A Complete Guide [10 mins]

What do we understand by the term the dissertation and dissertation transcription?

A dissertation is a synonym to the scholarly thesis. It refers to an overlong well-drafted work document on any clean cut subject specific topic.

These dissertations suffice the mandatory needs of the MBA, M.Phil or PhD students who are pursuing degrees and doctorate programs.

This document in support of the professional or academic degree can be divided into parts where each part can be categorized under the heads as research, analysis and dissertation transcription respectively.

When the student is required to submit a thesis to administrators and department chairs, all he is expected to provide is an impeccable, un plagiarised and well-compiled document.

The scholarly thesis or the dissertation is expected to be a plethora of hypothesis representing the student’s prowess in his or her field. More weight is given to thesis with statements, published literature references, with self-implemented research results or well-analyzed sketch of the subject, rather than those that are the just assemblage of duplicated and collated research findings.

But all this is not a cakewalk. Because of the meticulous standards set for an acceptable dissertation, students compromise a lot of sleep for the preparation of a dissertation or a scholarly thesis as they are abreast with the fact that it is their passport to the degree and also a step towards their dream job.

A compelling dissertation requires an equal amount of efforts in executing the research work as well as compiling along the well-researched content in a written format. There are audio recordings of seminars, interviews and focus groups which are to be condensed into a plausible and fathomable piece of research.

And this conversion of the audio data, thoughts and research in form of specific disciplined format text is termed as dissertation transcription.

However, dissertation transcription is a brow beat process in itself and even after all the laborious hard work one puts in, the final results might not be that accurate.

University students need to juggle a lot between their research work and thesis transcription as a result of which these students are hardly left with any time to concentrate on their studies. Their entire time, energy and efforts are consumed by this one jargon dissertation transcription.

Apart from this entire tedious task, the level of accuracy glued to this acceptable thesis and the amount of money and time required for a flawless transcript leaves students with no choice but to outsource the work of dissertation transcription. They look for one stop solution which can type their research, convert the audio files in text, document the findings of research and compile the entire data into a neat and immaculate thesis at a very reasonable price.

Outsourcing is thus considered to be one of the best solutions for getting meticulous transcripts at reasonable pricing. There are innumerable transcript service providers which can be traced both online and offline. However one needs to opt for the best, depending upon the evaluation done considering the several parameters.

Categories of dissertation transcription services

1.    Seminars and Conference transcription

This includes the transcription of the audio from seminars and conferences, which need to be harnessed in a very proper manner. A lot of precision and skill set goes into transcription of the entire audio content, thus ensuring that not a fraction of significant piece of information goes unscripted. If you top outsource the dissertation transcription work, make sure that the transcriptionists hold the potential to transcript even the most complex audio recording accurately and on time

2.    Group Discussion transcription

Group discussions amongst the focus group members are considered as very significant piece of information when it comes to dissertations because of the plethora of data embedded information which is deciphered by varied group members. Because of the presence of multiple group members, there are multiple voices which at the end, makes it a cumbersome task to transcript each and every voice especially the overlapping communication, without any fail of information. Therefore one needs a diligent and patient transcriber to transcript such data into flawless transcripts.

3.    Question answer session and interview transcription

Question answer session between two or more people or interview conducted amongst two or more people is also needed to be transcripted into text documents at very cost effective rates. In such case interview recording in any format is shared with the transcriber and you are provided back with the transcript in the format of your choice.

4.    Academic Presentation and Essay Transcription

College, university and institute students require rapid fast and precisely accurate presentation transcription for their thesis. Therefore they opt for transcribers who are professionally trained to come up with dramatically correct and word perfect transcripts. Thus leaving you with more time to concentrate on other significant things.

5.  Journal Articles Transcriptions

A good quality transcription of journals is not only useful for dissertations but also for reading during leisure hours. Transcription enables scions of transcripts and hence these transcripts can be preserved for really long time and thus can be accessed when required. Students prefer and should always prefer skilled transcriptionists who can come up with high-quality journal transcription services at very competitive rates.

6.    Academic Symposia Transcriptions

At academic symposia latest work of researchers is narrated in detail during the conference, and because of which academic symposia audio are considered as data of immense utility for the scholarly thesis. Who would not want to jewel his/her thesis with upgraded content for getting that extra score? This is also an important channel for exchange of information between researchers. During transcription, all the aspects discussed in the symposium need to be accurately documented into readable text format, so that it can be used for future references.

7.    Classroom Lectures transcriptions

Classroom lectures decipher all the crucial information which should mandatorily be present in the study material which forms part of the dissertation. And therefore a high level of precision should be acquired while transcribing these audios so as to ensure that every data has been transcribed in a proper manner so as to ensure ease of access and future reference.

8.    Note Taking Transcription

Dictation or note taking is referred to the taking of notes, in a manner that the writer notes down the information, to avoid the hassle of recalling the entire content over and again. Since these notes are often used by the third party, they need to get flawlessly transcribed so as to remain parallel to the exact information.  As these notes are captured from another source, they have to be accurately transcribed in order to retain the exact information. Skilled and proficient transcriptionists are needed to successfully transcribe the notes taken within a very short span of time.

9.    Academic and Research Interview Transcription

All knowledge-based institutes compile humongous recordings of academic and research interview materials, which are time and again difficult to transcribe due to massive volumes. So go for, meticulously transcribed one-to-one research and other academic interviews heedless of the volume.Once the transcriber is given the responsibility, students can gravitate their attention towards other areas of interest.

10.    University Research Transcription

University level research can be in form of recordings of telephonic interviews, one-on-one interviews, or focus group discussions. But each of them needs to get transcribed in a properly readable format so as to form an integral part of the scholarly thesis.

11.  Accreditation Reports Transcriptions

This is a specially designed field of transcription in which veracity is of sheer importance, as the reports evaluate the effectiveness of an institution. Therefore, fast and professional accreditated report transcription services are required at moderate rates.

12.    Speech and Verbatim Transcription

This type of transcription requires transcribing the spoken words and also systematized representation of the language into a text document in the particularly same way in which it was spoken. Skilled resources and infrastructure are to be provided for accurate transcription of speech and verbatim recordings.

13.    Doctoral Thesis Transcription

If you are following a doctorate or a professional degree program, then doctoral thesis is an intrinsic part of your academics. By outsourcing doctoral thesis transcription services one can have all the time to target on his or her research.

14.    Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Intelligent verbatim transcription is the one which filters out all the unneeded noises made by humans, omits the repeated words if they do not add any value, and also amend slang words. As these transcripts are generally circulated in the corporate circle, it’s highly advisable to hire professional transcription services that are accurate and cost-effective.

Factors to be considered when outsourcing the dissertation transcription services

Affordable Services

Reasonably priced services are very helpful for university students who are always in search for a low budget service provider

Data Privacy

The outsourced dissertation service provider should also ensure that all data of the student is secure and safe with them.  The transcriber should follow strict confidentiality agreement and workstation data security policies.

Streamlined Process

A well streamlined and systematic transcription process allows its clients to get delivered the results within the stipulated time frame.

Best Infrastructure

When the transcriber has access to some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, it provides the best of transcripts to all its clients without any flaw.

Use of Latest Tools

One transcriber is often more preferred than the other only because of the latest technology tools it is equipped with. The use of the latest and updated transcription tools and technologies to provide the clients with the best-quality services is an asset to the service provider.

Skilled Team

At the end of the day, it the team of the transcription service provider who is responsible for providing the quality transcription services to its clients. Therefore always go for a trained, qualified and expert team of transcriptionists who work independently to take on the work and get going.

Quick Turnaround

Time is a very big determinant while shortlisting upon the name of the transcriptionist. Quality work but at delayed hours is of no use. And since students are always marshalled with deadlines, they always ensure that transcription deadlines are met without any delays

Final Transcript in Your Preferred Format

The transcriber should be able to work with files in any format – diverse digital audio set-ups, such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MPEG4, RA, WMA, MOV and AIFF being few others and should also be able to professionally transform the audiovisual content into a precise transcript in desired formats.

DIY Dissertation Transcription

Now, although thesis transcription is a tedious and awfully time consuming task, every time its not possible to outsource the transcription services considering the money value attached to it. So one must also consider the option of DIY (Do It Yourself) as there are its own set of advantages prefixed to it.

When one starts listening to the data again and again and reads the transcriptions over and again, the students get very much familiar with the data.

He/ She can add on new ideas over the periods of repetitive reading and listening. Once you have decided to go ahead with DIY approach, you may make use of transcription software.

There are software options that can help you transcribe. You can basically dictate your data and information to this software and it will convert the entire dictation into typed text. DRAGON is one such example of software.

But this software is often sound sensitive. Said that, if your software has been used by any one individual to transcript the audio, the software might not respond at all or go wrong when it hears the sound of second individual. This in a way, affects the level of perfection in the final output.


Dissertation transcription is an inestimable service for students who have to amass their thesis and dissertations to get their distinguished university degree.

So they need the finest quality assistance at best price for their PhD dissertation transcription needs. There are several online academic transcription services that can equip the students with the customized help needed by them. Students can choose to work with the expert transcriptionists who understand the significance of quality and accuracy in a PhD transcription.

Dissertation and other written transcript tasks are an integral part of the academic career; picking the best academic transcription service thus allows the student to maximize the use of transcription innovation and tools that guarantee the flawlessness of the transcription.

Making productive use of the skilled manpower available in several offshore locations allows keeping the costs down and thus renders cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and accuracy of transcripts.


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