[Guest Post] How to offer more value to your podcast audience by using infographics and blog images

[Guest Post] How to offer more value to your podcast audience by using infographics and blog images

The best way to create a strong connection with your audience that will generate action is to go above and beyond. If you want more sales, shares in social media and a bigger audience, you need to offer more value.

Offering more value is about empathy, understanding your audience and actually caring. Transcriptions help with SEO and are also helpful to your audience. 

If you don’t use scribie already then start today. You will save time and money and your audience will thank you for it.

You shouldn’t stop with transcriptions, they’re just part of offering more value.

You offer written and audio content. Your podcast transcriptions and your podcast. But to offer even more value to your audience, you should also consider visual content.


A picture is worth a thousand words, 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing.

I’m sure you’ve been exposed to an infographic already. It requires no explanation in today’s world where infographics are growing 500% yearly.

But why?

Infographics are easier to digest and remember because they break down complicated information.

This is why infographics tend to go viral. People love to share helpful and valuable content that’s easy to consume. In return, social shares work in your favor as they help your website and your podcast rank better in search engines.

How to get your audience share, like and comment your infographics

Focus on quality.

Not all infographics are good. Quality must be part of your strategy, as I am sure you consider quality when recording your podcast or hiring a transcription company.

The data of your infographic should be well organized and should be visually appealing. 

Great infographics convey a lot of information in a dense space without overwhelming.

Blog images

We’ve established that combining your written content with visuals is a good way to add value to your audience.

People surfing the web tend to have walls of text, so much so, that there’s even an acronym for it “WOT”.

Images help your blog to be more appealing and easier to digest. 

They also help with rankings in search engines when you tag them properly.

In social media, photos average a 35% boost in Retweets. A number by itself that shows the importance of visual content.

2 tips and rules to consider for your blog images

Be consistent with your brand

Use images that are proper to your brand voice and tone. Make sure that your blog images match your brand guidelines and colors.

Don’t get in legal problems

If you’re going to use images from the web look for images free of copyright or give credit when credit is due.

This is very important and so easy to overlook. Don’t make this mistake.

List of image type you should consider

Featured image with the headline:

This is the first image that you should consider. Feature images are the first visual your audience will come in contact with. They usually also appear in social media channels. 

You can get creative with feature images. I recommend consistency across your blog images. It’s a good idea to always include your headline

Quote images:

Quote images will serve your audience as a way to highlight an interesting quote in your podcast.

This is great for people that don’t know your brand or voice yet and would like to get a quick glance of your podcast.

Meme images:

Humor is a great way to connect with your audience. If meme images fit your target audience and brand uses them. People love sharing memes and laughing.


Diagrams help explain complex concepts in an easy way. If you’re talking about data or numbers consider using diagrams.

Drawings or illustrations:

Drawings and illustration add personality to your blog, it’s original and hard to replicate. 


Are you explaining something that’s done on a computer or mobile device? Use screenshots to explain step by step.  

How to get infographics and blog images in just 5 minutes

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You understand that by delegating work you save time, money and frustration.

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Ka kei Ho.

Founder of Kapa99, Unlimited graphic design help with a free trial. Soccer fanatic by night, entrepreneur all day. My goal is to inspire other entrepreneurs to live life on their terms, by saving them time, money and frustration. 

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