Why We Spend Less Money on Marketing

Why We Spend Less Money on Marketing

It is common knowledge that it is far more effective to retain and keep your existing customers happy than trying aggressively acquire new customers through inorganic/paid channels.

That is why Scribie’s approach to customer relationship management and acquisition strategies are far different from our industry peers.

Our budget for acquiring new customers is at the very least 8-10 times smaller than our peers.

So how do we manage to acquire at a staggering rate and yet keep our acquisition costs so low?

It is in fact very simple.

We focus on keeping our existing customers happy. That’s it.

Our most effective salesforce is our existing customers base who refer our transcription services to their friends and peers.

They do it because they love the quality of work and smooth customer experience that Scribie consistently delivers every single time…

..and by just focussing on these 2 important “metrics”, we do not have the need to shell out huge $$$ for acquisition and retention.

We put quality over everything else…

..and here is how we do it.

Firstly, humans transcribe your content.

Not an algorithm.

Secondly, these are not just any transcribers who are given your files to transcribe.

Ask any transcriber who works for Scribie and they will tell you how efficient the tests that we give them are..

That is why less than 10% of all applicants actually get accepted into the Scribie system.

These certified transcribers then work on parts of your file.

Do you know about Scribie’s 4-step system that ensures quality?

If you do not know about it yet…
.. you can find that information here: Scribie’s 4-Step Process

Transcribers who perform exceedingly well are then promoted as reviewers.

Reviewers who do well are promoted as proof-readers.

Ann finally proofreaders who excel in the role are given the position of QC’s.

Here is a fun fact:

Less than 0.1% of our transcribers actually make it to the QC level.

That is the level of excellence that is expected.

Now for one of the many other reasons why our customers love us:

Uber smooth process and excellent customer support.

Our support team is swift in its response to queries and goes out of its way to make sure that the customers have the best experience while doing business with Scribie.

The brief and goal given to the customer success team is simple: Make sure that you serve the customer the best way possible. Even if it means more time, effort, going out of your comfort zone while doing so.

By investing in these aspects we are proud to say that most of our customers find us organically through authority websites referring our services like neilpatel.com, minimal SEO efforts and word of mouth referrals.

Just goes on to prove that when you take care of your existing customers, the growth of the business more or less takes care of itself.

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