Continual Learning for Speech-to-Text

Flawless transcripts and fast turnaround time are the hallmarks of Scribie. Not only are our transcripts highly accurate, but also priced reasonably. But have you ever wondered what makes that possible? The answer lies in constantly improving our speech-to-text engine, which assists our transcribers. We provide automatic word completion to our transcribers, and the better… Continue reading Continual Learning for Speech-to-Text

Price Cut

We are pleased to announce an across-the-board 20% drop in our pricing effective today. Our new transcription rates are as follows: Scribie New Transcription Rates Old New Savings Budget $0.75/min $0.60/min 20% Regular $1.50/min $1.20/min 20% Express $3.00/min $2.40/min 20% We started with the mission to build the best place for transcription; both for transcribers… Continue reading Price Cut

When YouTube Captions Go Wrong

Human Transcription > Computer Transcription Have you ever used Google Voice’s visual voicemail option? How about YouTube’s closed captioning service? If so, you’ve probably encountered a wildly inaccurate and hilarious transcript. Rhett McLaughlin and James Lincoln, the comedy duo behind Rhett & Link, used this amusing side effect and turned it into a series of… Continue reading When YouTube Captions Go Wrong