Free Podcast Transcript: BoomersPlusRadio – Show 3

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00:01 Speaker 1: Welcome to another broadcast of Boomers Plus Radio, the Internet program that serves your generation. You may be part of the lucky few generation, a baby boomer, or a child of generation X. But Boomers Plus Radio wants to bring you the memories of old, the events and problems of today and of the world to come. And this, we’ll do using correspondents located throughout Central Florida and The Villages, as well as with our associates at And if you or your organization have an event or a story that our audience would appreciate, don’t forget to let us know by emailing us. Your announcer today is Don Howard.

00:50 Mark Newhouse: Welcome to Boomers Plus Radio: Adult Spoken Here, and I’m your host, Mark H. Newhouse, the author of “How To Sell Your Books Checklist” and this is our co-host, the very charming Lois Podoshen. How are you, Lois?

01:03 Lois Podoshen: I’m fine, thank you.


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