Audio Transcription And Teleconferencing: A Perfect Match For Each Other!

Teleconferencing and Transcription
Teleconferencing and Transcription

Global scenario has increased communication between companies, their clients and subsidiaries. Due to rising cost involved in traveling, companies are looking for cheaper but effective ways to facilitate meetings. With the advent of teleconferencing, you can do conference call anytime to serve your purpose. This keeps your business open to opportunities as well as it is a great medium to showcase your potential to your clients. From elaborate sales calls, board meetings, product demonstrations, live consultations with doctors or providing video lectures to students, teleconferencing finds its application in all spheres.

To make it easier for you to remember each and every activity on conference calls, audio transcription comes in handy. Audio transcription works for wide range of business, educational, medical, organisational, or in-house informational exchanges where a virtual conference takes place. Teleconferencing with audio transcription saves companies time and effort in more than one way. Audio transcription converts teleconference calls from audio formats into various text-based documents. The textual conference call transcripts can act as a useful reference when one wants to review everything that was discussed in a teleconference call. This is very useful for a conference call that involves lengthy communication between groups of people who are globally located. It is unmanageable to make written records of a meeting. Collecting notes from all members involved in a call can be tedious and time consuming. Transcribed teleconferences come as a solution to this problem by presenting either exact transcripts or professional transcripts of a teleconference.

Scribie has the right balance of teleconferencing with audio transcription, both matched perfectly. Advantages of Scribie’s teleconferencing service integrated with audio transcription:

  • The teleconference service is free. You will be charged only for the transcripts.
  • Interface is simple yet very user friendly. Just book a call and the rest is automated. The recording starts automatically. No need to download and upload the audio files. The transcripts are ordered from your account automatically once the call ends.
  • You get the best quality audio(recording off the wire) which in turn produces best quality transcripts.
  • Our transcription team has an outstanding mix of transcribers, proofreaders and quality analysts. Each transcriber has good comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up each word. The results are reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.
  • We provide you the time advantage which says while you are asleep, we are working on your files to be transcribed so that next morning your audio transcription is done.
  • Timely delivery and prompt after delivery services, because we care for our clients.

Teleconferencing is incomplete without audio transcription and we at Scribie makes this combination more powerful and beneficial to our clients.

You can even record phone calls using our call recording services and get it transcribed. Please check the link below for more details about our conference and phone call recording service, with automatic transcription.

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Distinctive Features of Scribie’s Audio Transcription Service

Audio Transcription Service
Audio Transcription Service

“Scribie is one of the best ways to get audio transcription”.

These days we have unlimited options available in the marketplace for every need and want of ours. Audio transcription is no different. We have many audio transcription services out there who promise us a bag of good things but deliver none. In this scenario where every single detail of conversation is of utmost importance, we need to be extra cautious of what is promised versus what is delivered.

How Scribie is providing a unique experience.

  • We provide hassle free and easy to use services for our clients.
  • We offer free re-review if you are not satisfied with the quality of files delivered.
  • We have various turnaround option at different rates, from flex 5 (3 -5 days) to 1 Day (24 hours) and Express (8-12 hours) you can choose whichever suits you the best.
  • Our process is a four step process transcription, review, proofreading, and quality check. We guarantee 99% accuracy.
  • We ensure that a number of people collaboratively work on each file, which results in a higher quality transcript. Everyone works as a team at Scribie.
  • We ensure the accuracy and effort to be the same regardless of the size of the file. Even the shortest file is worked upon by more than three people.
  • We have set of protocols to follow which delivers consistent and certified results.
  • Want to track the progress? We have a WIP (Work in progress) system set up to give you a real-time progress update for all of your transcripts.
  • Integrated Editor, helps you check the quality of delivered files and you can even go ahead and make corrections or fill in the blanks.
  • We will send email notification in case of delay. We keep our clients informed about the entire process.
  • We have recently launched teleconferencing and phone call recording service integrated with transcription service. So if you want to record a phone call or conference call and then order for transcripts then just book a call with us and the recording and order for transcription will happen automatically.

Please send us a mail at or you can chat with us directly.

Teleconferencing Integrated with Transcription: Backward Integration

“Scribie is paving the way and setting industry trends through backward integration.”teleconferencing and transcription service

This is a Global Era where each company has their global presence and mostly works offshore. With this there comes the need of a tool which can help corporates in communicating and planning strategically beyond the boundaries which is teleconferencing. This not only saves time and cost but also makes it more feasible to conduct such meetings. We know while we teleconference there are lot of problems that occurs like issues related to connection, numbers of steps involved, speaking order and clarity of speech. To cure all such issues there is a new way of teleconferencing which is with Scribie. Scribie is one great platform that enables you to do teleconferencing with transcription. This is a new and an amazing way of teleconferencing as it will give you plethora of benefits. The bucket of benefits with Scribie includes the following:

  • Because it is automated, it is highly convenient for customers as it reduces the number of steps like download and upload recorded file and order the transcripts. It makes entire process hassle free.
  • Improves audio quality, lets everyone listen easily and enables good transcription.
  • Recording is done off the wire that gives flawless quality and accuracy in transcription.
  • Scribie has entire team that does transcription, review, proof reading and quality check to ensure best results.
  • Scribie makes teleconferencing so easy and flexible plus affordable that once anyone who use it will definitely suggest others.
  • Scribie also provides unmatched features like free recording services, review and edit transcripts. One can see the progress of transcripts as well.
  • Each transcript is checked by four or more people just to make sure it is more than 98% accurate.
  • The entire team of Scribie is highly responsive and responsible. Every work is taken confidentially to ensure data safety.

Scribie has opened the doors of teleconferencing which is reliable and highly affordable.

So don’t just do teleconferencing, Use Scribie.

Please visit the link below for more details about the teleconference service from Scribie.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding the teleconference service or you can chat with us directly.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Scribie’s Teleconferencing Service

Scribie's Teleconferencing Service

Teleconferencing solution in the business world has established unparalleled collaboration among people working in different geographical locations. It saves a lot of travel time as well as cost. Scribie recently launched its very own teleconferencing solution and here are the reasons why you should use it.

  1. If you want your teleconference calls to be transcribed then you have to book a call first, then record it and then download the recording. For transcription again, you have to first upload the recorded file to the transcription service provider and then order the transcripts. This involves a lot of unnecessary steps. However, with Scribie all you have to do is book a call. The recording, upload and ordering of transcripts will happen automatically once the call ends. It clearly saves a lot of time and effort. The recorded file will also be present in your account which you could use anytime.
  2. The audio quality of the recording of any teleconferencing solution is of paramount importance especially if you need the teleconference call transcripts. Scribie records these teleconference calls on server and not through extensions. The recording done on the server side ensures that the audio data is captured directly off-the-wire, which means that it sounds exactly as the actual call. This ensures that there are no artifacts in the recording; e.g. crackling, high pitched voices, ambient background noise, unbalanced voices, reverberation etc. Good audio quality in the teleconferencing enables the professionals to transcribe the content in the right way, thereby ensuring that there will be no misunderstanding between the parties that have communicated through teleconference.
  3. Scribie will bear the charges of the teleconference call itself and you will be charged only for the transcripts. This way you save a lot of money.
  4. Scribie has been in transcription industry since last 7 years. We have an efficient platform and 4-step process which guarantees 98% accuracy of the transcripts. Hence you can be assured that the transcripts delivered to you will be of high quality and accuracy. Accurate transcripts of the teleconference calls can be referred in future either for minutes, reports or for record keeping and lets both parties refer to it anytime when they need the clarification regarding the issue instead of listening to the entire audio.
  5. The call as well as the recording is very reliable. There will be no technical glitches which is very common if you are recording using extensions for e.g battery may die out. The call happens through PSTN and hence will not get dropped.

Please visit the link below for more details about the teleconference service from Scribie.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding the teleconference service or you can chat with us directly.

Scribie Launches Teleconferencing Service Integrated With Transcription Service

Teleconferencing ServiceScribie is pleased to launch its own teleconferencing service integrated with transcription service. The conference calls will be hosted by Scribie and will be automatically recorded and ordered for transcription.


  • You have an account with
  • You will need to add and store your credit card details since the transcripts will be ordered automatically.


  • Please goto the link below to get started.


  • Please add the credit card details if not added before. This is important since all the calls will be automatically ordered once recording is over.
  • You can now enter the details of the call like description, start recording trigger and recording length.
  • In the transcripts type you can select the turnaround required for the transcripts. You can select other options for transcription by clicking on the more options button.
  • Click the book conference button to get the pin code for the call.
  • The conference call number and pin code will appear on the window, which has to be shared with other participants.
  • You can start the call with the given details.
  • Once the initiator ends the call or the recording length selected gets over, the recording stops and the order for transcripts will be placed.

Please note that this is the first version of the Teleconferencing solution integrated with Transcription Service. If you encounter any issues please contact or chat with us directly.