How to Transcribe Audio/Video Files Using the Scribie Editor

Audio/Video transcription can be a very arduous task. It takes around 4-6 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. There are several tools however which can make it easier—our Editor is one such tool. It presents the audio and the transcript document together in a single interface to expedite the process. The following is a… Continue reading How to Transcribe Audio/Video Files Using the Scribie Editor

Transcription System: Transcription & Reviews

This is a series of posts on our human-powered audio transcription system. The following are links to the previous parts: Overview, Workflow, Certification. The Transcription & Review subsystem is where the bulk of the work gets done. In transcription the file is played back and typed into something called a raw transcript. This is the… Continue reading Transcription System: Transcription & Reviews

Transcription System: Workflow

This is a series on’s audio transcription system. The first part which provides an overview is here.  Our workflow consists of five steps. File Splitting -> Transcription -> Review -> Proofreading -> Delivery We start by splitting the file into smaller parts. The file is split at the 6 minute boundary which produces one or… Continue reading Transcription System: Workflow