Call Graph version

Call Graph version is out. We have built upon our previous update and made more modifications to the recording and encoding algorithm. Several new features have been added as well as couple of bug fixes. Here’s a list of all the changes. Echo Cancellation: The echo cancellation module has been completely revamped in this… Continue reading Call Graph version

Browser Based UI vs Minimal UI

Call Graph supports two User Interface’s, an browser based UI and a minimal UI. The browser based UI launches the default browser and displays all the data there using scripts pulled from our website. The mimal UI consits only of a windows dialog for configuration and a toolbar. A detailed feature by feature comparison follows.… Continue reading Browser Based UI vs Minimal UI

Sorting, Advanced Search and More

We released a couple of changes to the UI that we had been working on recently and added a sidebar to the Call Record history page. This sidebar adds a table sorting, batch operations and advanced search functionality. Here’s an overview of these. Sidebar: The sidebar looks like the following on the ‘Call Record History’… Continue reading Sorting, Advanced Search and More