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Why Scribie is Better at Podcast Transcription


Proper paragraph breaks, punctuations, quotations, and capitalizations


And easy-to-use transcription service, no contracts


Pay-as-you-go, lowest rate for high quality podcasts

Speaker Tracking

Track multiple speakers, with names and time-codes

Grow Your Podcast through Transcripts

Be More Discoverable

Attract new listeners who search for your content.

Podcasts are not easily discoverable on search engines. With a transcript, search engines can crawl through your content and help audiences find you.

Listeners can share and quote excerpts of your content to a wider audience. You can add backlinks and internal links that help with your credibility and encourage visitors to explore your content.

Be more engaging and accessible to every listener.

Whether they’re stuck in a noisy environment, hearing impaired or a non-native English speaker, a transcript helps them follow the train of thought and digest your content. Subtitles reinforce your message. When audiences can both hear and read your content, it becomes twice more impactful.

Give them the option to download the podcast’s transcript and allow them to more easily navigate through sections of an episode.

Empower Your Audience

Boost SEO Rankings

Squeeze more mileage out of great content.

Repurpose your podcasts into blogs, e-books, or other formats to rank higher on search engines. Reap more SEO benefits with a transcript that prompts search engines to pick up keywords and add to your metadata, so your podcast can land on the first pages of YouTube and Google.

Don't miss out on maximsing the value from your content which you have spent hours and hours of effort on producing just because it requires some investment.

Spend more time being creative.

Transcripts help with your editing work. For instance, you might have to go through a five-hour recording to end up with an edited one-hour podcast. Get a better overview with a written copy that contains timestamps to find the important moments in your recording.

It saves you time and effort, so you can devote more energy to producing quality content for your show.

Save Editing Time

Lowest Transcription Rates, Per Audio Minute

30 mins turn around, 80-95% accuracy
Best Value
24 Hours turn around, 99% accuracy

Only for clean files with American speakers, additional charges may apply for others

How it works

Get podcasts transcribed in 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Import your podcast
  • 2
    Pay by audio time
  • 3
    Download transcripts


How much do I have to pay for this service?

Podcasters new to Scribie can enjoy a $10 free account credits to start off. Our rates start at $0.10/min. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

How accurate are the transcripts?

99% or more. Be confident handing over finished output with transcripts to your clients. For difficult files, e.g. background noise, non-native accent speakers, or other audio distortion, we may charge extra, but the accuracy won't be compromised.

We frequently have multiple guests. Will they be identified in the transcript?

Yes. We mark each speaker with their initials (if names are provided or spoken in the video) or as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Speaker 3 etc. You may also enable/disable this option.

How do you prepare the transcripts? Is it done by humans or is it machine generated?

In order to deliver transcripts that are ready for your client’s eyes, transcripts are prepared manually by our certified freelance transcribers. Optionally, you may explore our automated transcripts if you have proofreaders in your team.

What formats are the transcript files provided?

The transcript files are provided in Microsoft Word (.doc), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and Adobe PDF (.pdf) and plain text (.txt) formats. Subtitle files are provided in SRT and VTT formats.

What payment options are available?

We support all major credit cards and PayPal. We also support billing if the total order amount is above than $1000 and you require our services on a monthly basis. Please contact us to setup a billing account.

What Customers Are Saying

I have to say that I found dealing with Scribie to transcribe several oral history interviews and public radio documentaries a terrific experience. The entire process far exceeded my expectations. The work was done in a timely way (actually ahead of time each time). I was kept informed of each step of the process, which I like very much. The transcripts were surprisingly accurate and professional and the price was plenty modest. I have already recommended your services to several friends and businesses whom I think could use them. And I'll surely do that again when I need them.

Varick A. Chittenden, Independent Folklorist

I have been using Scribie since the days of Call Graph: I opened my account in July 2008! I have always been impressed by your commitment to keep doing better work, and somehow you do. Scribie has helped me do my job better, by giving me more time to be creative. Thank you for making it so easy!

Tim Wilson, CreativeCOW

Service was faster than expected. Error rate was less than 1%. I am very impressed. I will call on you again. A great value at price. I have worked with news networks that use the expensive services out of New York. Your service is equal or better.

Ron Blome, Ron Blome Productions

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