Call Graph Echo

The echo/lag issues with Call Graph has been resolved in version Please download it here.

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  1. Rajiv,
    I still don’t understand why if there is ‘feedback’ between the headset and the mic that I do not hear it when I am using Skype and only hear it when callgraph is recording

    It is also confusing that I need it enabled for a skype to skype call, and need to turn it off again to record a Skype-In call

    Messing around with selecting or deselecting either type of echo correction from the options page is not as easy as it could be given that I need to change the option frequently
    It might be useful to detect that either one side of the call (or the other) has not sound in the first part of the call and suggest a setting that might be needed (or suggest that you or the other person talk)

  2. still trying to eliminate echo

    checked ‘wave I/O’ by right clicking task bar button(will not update by webpage)

    have checked both echo options

    have updated to latest skype october 6th

    using windows xp reinstalled call graph


    it locks up skype and the computer. i have to shut down by holding the power button

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