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  1. I had no trouble with call echo until the latest upgrade of call craph. I enabled your echo cancellation to no avail.

  2. Steve wrote: “I had no trouble with call echo until the latest upgrade of call craph. I enabled your echo cancellation to no avail.”

    – I have exactly the same experience.

    Rajiv Poddar Says:
    March 14th, 2009 at 10:29 am
    Please set the Audio I/O mode to Wave from the advanced panel of configuration and try again.

    -I did this. It made a slight improvement in reducing the amount of echo.
    I just downloaded v and I still am getting an echo.

  3. I have this problem too. I tried all the suggested solutions but nothing has changed. As soon as I turn off the Call Grapph the voice quality is perfect.All the problems happen by starting the Call Graph.
    I would appreciate any comments.

  4. I tried it. It did not help. I also tried both Audio I/O and Wave mode. These changes also did not help. I really need to find a solution for this problem.


  5. The point is that although the voice has echo, the recorded call is good. However it is really difficult to hear the voice of the other side during the call. I tried different headsets. I also tried it without headset but the problem still exist. And the strange point is that as soon as I start the Call Graph the voice turns to have echo and as soon as I stop recording the voice becomes clear.

  6. I tried it. The call starts with echo and then when I stop recording the voice becomes clear.
    Do you think it might be because of the version of Skype or Call Graph? I think this problem started when I did upgrade the Skype! Do you recommend using the older version of Skype?

  7. It has been tested with the latest version of Skype. The echo should go away if you switch to Wave I/O instead of DirectSound. Can you pls. enable logging and send me the log file once.

  8. We’ll be coming out with a workaround for this in a day our two. Suggest you downgrade to Skype 3.8 in the meantime. Thanks for your patience.

  9. I also get the bad echo with the latest version of Skype with both Wave I/O and DirectSound. I must use Skype v4 for certain features it has. I cannot downgrade to v3.8 at this time.

  10. Hi there! Seems to be working fine when I call the “Echo / Sound Test Service”

    By mistake I selected “Far End Echo” and the caller was almost inaudible on the recording. The correct setting for my problem is “Near End Echo”. Just mentioning it in case anyone does the same thing!

  11. Installed workaround and the nearside echo is gone
    The only problem is it is no longer recording the far side voice

  12. We recommend that you have the Near End EC option checked if you’re using Skype 4. The API has changed. With this Near End EC enabled, there’s less work for Call Graph to do during the recording.

  13. Rajiv,
    Yes I had been prompted to allow the newer version access to skype and I had allowed it to connect
    I tried it again after a reboot and it did appear to be recording voice and speaker but I could not hear anything
    It wasn’t a good time to continue playing around with it so I have left it for now and am continuing to use advanced audio recorder as I happen to have that on this pc already

    Presumably it was the near end echo setting that stopped me from hearing anything, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet

  14. I had exactly the same problems and I solved them installing an older skype version (with it works!!)

  15. Rajiv,
    When I didn’t enable it (at that time) I was getting echo… which is why I went and enabled it
    The last time I recorded something it was picking up my end just fine and I can only faintly hear the “other” end

    I went and got a new ucb headset a decent plantronics 625 usb model both to get better quality calls and reduce any bleed that I was getting from my older headsets

    I am guessing that the very low volume far end recording that I am hearing now is probably as a result of bleed, that or the mic picking up what is coming from the headset speakers into the room

    Is it possible (or could it be possible) to record the local and the remote to different channels if desired (or even to different mp3/wav files) ?

    Some of the other recording programs allow this and it makes it easier to edit out unwanted local noise or unwanted remote noise after the fact by having each isolated to either the left or right channel

  16. If you record it in stereo mode the far end and near end are encoded in separate tracks. You can then post process each of the tracks individually using Audactity or other programs.

    Note that if far end is not getting recorded, it is usually an issue with Call Graph’s connection with Skype. It takes around a minute or so after CG is started for the connection to be established. Once connected CG shows a notification saying that its ready to record. If you open the statistics window you’d be able to see the amount of data transferred between Skype and CG.

  17. Ok, I am giving it another try ; in my case callgraph had been running for a long time so it wasn’t just after CG had started
    I opened the statistics window to see what I could see and callgraph ended up exiting with an error (after a non-answered call and I was pressing stop to stop the recording)

    If you have registered with microsoft you can get the error report, if not it was :
    Faulting application callgraph.exe, version, faulting module callgraph.exe, version, fault address 0x000181f0.
    The MS exception report mentioned code 0xc0000005

  18. I tried several combinations but could not get the far side part of the recording to work
    If you want to try further you could email me and we could try it interactively if you wish

  19. I have an echo, but it is from CallGraph, it plays back the audio from the other person i am talking with, but no echo of my vioice, if i close call graph this problem doesnt happen. any idea on how to fix this? the echo doesnt show up in recordings, but is really distracting and makes it hard to understan my friends

  20. Rajiv, I think maybe you understood me. It’s like skype is playing what the person I’m talking to is saying, but so is Call graph at a very slight (maybe 0.1 second) delay. i followed the steps above with no success. its not my mic cause the same thing happens if i have headphones plugged in.

  21. Okay, weird issue on my end, not sure what’s wrong. When I do a test call, the first part and the part where I speak records correctly. However, when it replays what I say, and then when the woman starts talking again, I get the echo. This is only in the recorded version, I can’t hear it when Skype replays the call for me. I’ve tried changing it to wav, turning echos on and off, updated everything I could think of… any advice?


  22. Kelly,

    Can you pls. send me the recorded file along with the log file. To get the log file enable logging from the configuration -> general tab and record a test call.


  23. I seem to be having a similar problem with echo but in the playback mode. There is no echo whilst recording but only when I play it back. On playback through my USB headphones I firstly hear the skype test recording with an echo in the right ear channel, then I hear my test recording very clearly in the left ear channel, then my message is immediately repeated in the right ear channel with echo followed by the closing recording by Skype in the right ear channel again and the echo is back! It looks like the echo is only happening in the right channel and not in the left! I have tried all different settings as described in the other posts to no avail. I have the latest Skype and the latest Callgraph on Vista 32bit. BTW, whenever I tried to reset the Advanced configuration Audio I/O to Wave I/O, I would lose the link with Skype. I think your program is awesome once I can fix this bug. Thanks!

  24. Dora,

    The echo you’re getting is the Far End Echo. It happens because of a feedback loop between your speakers and mic. Try the instructions mentioned for Far End Echo to see if it works for you.

  25. I have an echo from the person on the other end, who is using a headset.
    It records that way too. It is most annoying for them and sounds awful.
    I am using latest verison of Skype. I tried your fix for echo on other end but do NOT understand the following instruction

    control panel and open your soundcards vendors setting (not the windows Audio) and check.

    how do I open soundcards vendors? where is it?

  26. I’m using callgraph with skype 4 and sometimes get an echo immediately and at other times it starts a few minutes into the call.

    Trying to stop the recording – I get the last 5 seconds of voice repeating-repeating-repeating until I kill the program (just about freezes the PC).

    I can’t change from direct i/o to wave – it just goes back to direct i/o and tells me to install the latest version of directx – (which is up to date).

    Running on Xp-sp3.

    Any ideas?



  27. the configuration will not update to ‘wave I/O’ i get a pop that says to update to the latest direct x. i have done that.

    have checked both echo options

    have updated to latest skype october 6th

    using windows xpreinstalled call graph

  28. Rajiv,
    I still don’t understand why if there is ‘feedback’ between the headset and the mic that I do not hear it when I am using Skype and only hear it when callgraph is recording

    It is also confusing that I need it enabled for a skype to skype call, and need to turn it off again to record a Skype-In call

    Messing around with selecting or deselecting either type of echo correction from the options page is not as easy as it could be given that I need to change the option frequently
    It might be useful to detect that either one side of the call (or the other) has not sound in the first part of the call and suggest a setting that might be needed (or suggest that you or the other person talk)

  29. still trying to eliminate echo

    checked ‘wave I/O’ by right clicking task bar button(will not update by webpage)

    have checked both echo options

    have updated to latest skype october 6th

    using windows xp reinstalled call graph


    it locks up skype and the computer. i have to shut down by holding the power button

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