Frequently Asked Questions

Audio/Video Transcription Service

How can I order transcripts?
1) Upload your files files 2) Click on 'Order Transcript' button 3) Pay via Credit Card or PayPal.
How much do the transcripts cost?
For a 1 hour file it will cost $45.00 for a 3-5 Days turn around. Please use the cost calculator for the exact amount.
What payment options are available?
We support all major credit cards and PayPal.
Can you bill me via an invoice to be paid later?
Unfortunately we can't. We require all payments to be made in advance currently.
What formats are the transcript files provided?
The transcript files are provided in Microsoft Word (.doc), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and Adobe PDF (.pdf) and plain text (.txt) formats.
Are the speakers tracked in the transcript?
Yes. We mark each speaker with their initials (if names are provided/available) or as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Speaker 3 etc., and provide an option to enable/disable it.
Can I see a sample transcript?
How accurate are the transcripts?
Around 98 to 100%. The accuracy may be lower for difficult files (eg. with background noise, non-native accent speakers, etc.).
How are the transcripts prepared? What is your process?
Transcripts are prepared manually by our certified freelance transcribers.
Can you add support for my file type X?
Absolutely. Please send us a short sample file via Google Drive or Dropbox. We will explore the possibility of adding the support to our site. If not, you'll have to convert the files to either mp3 or wav format yourself and then upload.
What is a good free tool to convert the files?
We recommend Audacity. Its a free open source program and has a wide support for different file types.
Which languages are supported for transcription?
English only currently; both native and non-native speakers.
Can you assure confidentiality?
Yes, our transcribers are professionals and bound by our terms of service. We also take a number of measures to ensure that your data remains secure. We absolutely do not sell or share your data with any third parties.
Can you sign my specific confidentiality agreement?
Absolutely. Please send the document to
How can I sign up as a transcriber?
The details are available freelance transcription program page.

CallGraph Skype Recorder

Why do I get a XULRunner platform version not compatible error when starting CallGraph Browser?
Please check this for a solution.
What is CallGraph Skype Recorder?
CallGraph Skype Recorder is a call recording plugin for Skype. It saves the audio of the Skype call as an WAV or MP3.
Is there a time limit on the recording?
No. CallGraph does not have any restrictions on time or duration. You can record for as long as you want.
Why is only one side of the call being recorded?
The most common reason is that CallGraph is not authorized to connect to Skype. Please authorize CallGraph manually and try again. For step by step instructions click here. Please run the interactive demo for a test.
Is it possible to record only the other end of the call?
No, CallGraph by default will record both sides of the call. However if recorded in stereo mode, the audio file can be edited (eg. with Audacity) after the recording is finished and one of the tracks can be removed from it.
Why is only one side of the call being recorded even after Skype authorization?
This is probably due to mis-configured stereo file playback settings on your PC. Please try recording in mono mode. The setting is in Configuration -> Recording tab.
Why is Skype is unable to respond to CallGraph?
It might require a few tries before Skype can successfully respond to CallGraph. Please try restarting/re-installing CallGraph and Skype. For more troubleshooting tips please check our blog.
Why does the installer crash during installation?
It might happen if you are behind a proxy. Please install Mozilla Firefox and try running the installer again.
Where are the recorded files stored?
On your computer's 'My Documents\My Call Graphs' folder by default. It can be changed from the general tab of the configuration window.
How do I download the mp3's?
You can access the files directly from 'My Documents\My Call Graphs' folder or whatever folder you have set it to.
Does CallGraph record video?
No. It records only audio.
Is Skype video recording support planned?
Its not on our road map at the moment. However some of users have reportedly been able to use CallGraph with Camtasia Studio.
Is CallGraph compatible with Skype 5.0?
Is CallGraph compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7?
Why are the voices on different channels in the recorded file?
Because the recording is set to stereo mode. Please set it to mono for the channels to be mixed into a single track. The setting is in Configuration -> Recording tab.
Why is Skype authorization required?
CallGraph redirects audio data to and from Skype in order to record the call. For this it needs to connect to Skype and use the API. Without authorization CallGraph will not be able to record both the sides of the call. Please note that we do not collect any private data from Skype.
What is CallGraph Browser?
CallGraph Browser is a User Interface for CallGraph Skype Recorder. It is a Mozilla XULRunner application which fetches data from the Recorder and displays it. Please click here to read more about the technology behind it.
Why does CallGraph Browser fail to start on my PC?
Please re-install CallGraph Browser from here and restart your PC.
Is registration required for CallGraph Skype Recorder?
No. CallGraph Skype Recorder is a freeware and no registration is required for it.
Does the recording happen on the server?
No. Recording happens on your computer and the recorded files are stored on your hard drive.
Why do I get an encoder failure when recording?
Because the recording parameters specified are not supported on your computer. Please try with default settings.
Why does CallGraph stop working after an update?
After each update the authorization has to be redone.
What is the association option in configuration and what does it do?
You can upload the files to your account from CallGraph Browser and order a transcript of it. Association links your CallGraph Skype recorder with your online account.
Are the files automatically sent to the server?
No. The files are saved to your hard disk and are not sent anywhere by CallGraph Skype Recorder.
Why is CallGraph free? How do you guys make money?
With our transcription service. CallGraph Skype Recorder is provided as a tool so that you can record your conversations easily and then order transcripts if you want to.
Is commercial support available?
Yes. Please contact us for a quote.
Are white labeled/customized versions of CallGraph available?
Yes. Please contact us with your requirements and we'll get back to you.
Can I make feature requests?
Yes! Please drop in a line here. We cannot promise to implement them but we will definitely consider them.
How can I edit my records?
The records can be edited with any standard audio editing program. Please try out Audacity. It is a free, open source application and had advanced editing capabilities.
Will other VoIP clients be supported in the future?
Its not on our road map at the moment. Please consider ordering a customized version.
Where to send feedback/questions?