Three Things To Look For In a Transcription Service Provider For Research

Market research has rightly evolved as an integral part of business strategy. Its scientific approach in understanding the volatile nature of the market is an attempt by companies to get some direction. Apart from gathering and analyzing information, market research also attempts to shed some light on the customer personality, spending habit, and location.

market researchNeedless to say that accuracy is key for market research to have any value. And that is also one of the first things that you should look for in a transcription company that you hire for transcribing your research material. What should be the other pointers? Read on to find out.

Timeliness: Respecting deadlines is important, no matter what you do. It might become crucial for things that are deadline-driven. Apparently, the process of market research is a long one and it might seem that fast turnaround of transcription is not super-important. But you may be mistaken. Depending upon the stage of the research a fast transcription might be indispensable. For instance, if a particular product is near completion, the business might want to get the market research result in real time rather than wait for weeks for the final report. In such challenging situation, time is of utmost importance.

Quality: This goes hand in hand with accuracy. Look for a transcription service that offers quality check at every step. At Scribie, we do. It is also important that the transcribers have a keen ear that is able to distinguish the voices of various speakers, especially in group interviews, and understand the different accents. Sometimes, quality of the conference calls becomes a challenging issue. Poor quality calls can have serious impact on the final transcription. At Scribie, we provide teleconferencing and phone call recording facility along with transcription service. All you need to do is book a call. No more uploading files and sending it for transcription. All these will be done automatically.

Confidentiality: Market research often involves sensitive data, information that you cannot afford to lose or share. Your transcription service provider must respect that. At Scribie, we have a strict confidentiality policy for all our services, so that our customers can count on us every time.

If you are looking for transcription for your market research, let us know. We have a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to upload files and a responsive customer care service that is ready to help you 24×7.

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Constraints And Opportunities in Interview Transcription

audio transcription headphoneTranscription has always been an integral part of research and analysis, but its age-old existence doesn’t naturally make it a simple thing to perform. The reasons are many. To begin with, accurate transcription needs time, patience, and trained ears— a combination that is sometimes difficult to find all at once. For instance, you may be an adept interviewer, but you might not be the best transcriber around. Why? Because you might not simply like transcribing. As Michael Agar in “The Professional Stranger: An Informal Introduction to Ethnography” writes, “Transcription is a chore.” Lack of interest towards the job is one of the first constraints that you may face while transcribing. But that’s just the beginning.


A group interview in which more than one person is involved is especially challenging to transcribe. It needs trained ears to distinguish between the speakers by virtue of their voices alone. The situation becomes tougher if the speakers have very different accents. A professional transcriber, hence, is the best person to make an accurate transcription because he/ she will already be trained in the art of making such fine-line differentiation. This would again minimize the time required while dramatically increasing the accuracy.

Interestingly, the possibilities that an interview transcription presents also stay hidden within its challenges or constraints. The same interview that a non-professional would find tedious to transcribe would give a professional exciting opportunities. This is especially relevant for denaturalism where the transcribers remove idiosyncratic elements of speech and as well as other aspects that are irrelevant to the overall interview. This includes the filler words (such as umm, you know, etc.) and nonverbal components (such as pause). In other words, denaturalism gives a transcriber the freedom as well as the responsibility of taking out the irrelevant bit while keeping the essential parts intact.

In the “Constraints and Opportunities with Interview Transcription: Towards Reflection in Qualitative Research” (2005) authors Olivia, Serovich, and Mason elaborate on the two methods of transcription: denaturalism and naturalism. Contrary to denaturalism, the latter takes into account every bit of the recording in as much detail as possible. Naturalism is used more when the “how” is as important, or more so, than the “what” was said. The authors also say that there is no right or wrong way of transcribing an interview, and often the most common approach is a hybrid of these two methods. At Scribie we use the denaturalism method. However, in cases you want us to follow the naturalism method, please let us know when you upload the file and order the transcript.

Which is better: Board meeting transcription or Board meeting minutes?

Board MeetingEver wondered what the difference, if any, was between meeting minutes and meeting transcription?  Wonder no more because we’ve tackled that subject for you.

Taking minutes in a meeting happens to ensure that proper procedure is followed and that all key points are addressed.  A person who sits in on a meeting to take minutes needs to be aware and alert at all times to ensure that nothing is missed.

There are various types of minutes that one would take during a meeting.  There are summary or discussion minutes that are the most common type and they do what the name implies – summarizes the meeting.  It provides a historical record and information for those who may have been absent. Secondly, you have purpose driven or action minutes.  These are done when a specific action needs to be taken and decisions are made.  Lastly, there are verbatim or transcription minutes.  This is the need for every last word said in the meeting to be recorded.

When someone transcribes a board meeting, they are taking down everything that is said in the meeting, with the exception of stutters or utterances.  These individuals may use short-hand for their convenience and ease.

Oftentimes, the person who takes the minutes of the meeting will later transcribe the information for the official record.  It is important for the minutes of the meeting to be accurate as they can have impacts on the future of the company and they are put in the permanent records.

Due to this importance, the person in charge of the minutes would want to do the best that they can do.

Why would someone want to have a transcription service outline the minutes of a meeting?  Quite simply, the benefits outweigh the cost. Consider the amount of time one has to put into to taking the minutes during the meeting and then composing those minutes into a legible document for the record.  It’s also important to realize that the person tasked with taking the notes must be good at multi-tasking.  You must pay attention to the meeting and take accurate notes at the same time.  Add to that the possibility of the additional stress to ensure that things are written in the proper manner; the political side of it all if you will.

If one is so focused on all of these concerns, the work could suffer as a result.

For these reasons alone, using a transcription service saves a person and a company a lot.  What better transcription service to use than Scribie?  You don’t have to worry about confidentiality with Scribie and there is no additional cost for more than one speaker.  Plus you get the added benefit of knowing that even speakers with accents will be transcribed accurately. With Scribie, you have the peace of mind that your meeting and minutes are taken care of and you end up with an extra copy of notes to ensure nothing was missed.  Whatever your transcription needs, Scribie has you covered. Click here now to start uploading your files.

Want to know more? We are available on Live Chat and via Toll Free on the phone, and also on email.

Better Audio Recording Quality: The “Why?” and “How to?”


“Quality never goes out of style.” Remember that Levi’s tagline? It holds good for almost anything under the sun, including an audio recording. Whether you are planning to transcribe it or not, sound quality of an audio piece is crucial in order to enjoy it in the way it was meant to be. Think of a Mozart Symphony with a screeching sound in the background or a recording of your favorite singer’s live performance with a lot of ambient noise. Irritating, right? The situation becomes all the more problematic when the recording in question deals with an interview, a lecture, and such other information-rich material that you need to get transcribed.



What’s the solution?

Get it right the very first time.

While this doesn’t sound like the best kept secret, surprisingly many tend to forget this little trick. And guess what, it doesn’t need a magic wand. All you need are the right tools.

  1. When possible, try not to record interviews out in the open if it’s a windy / noisy place as most standard microphones pick up these sounds and reduce audio recording quality.
  2. While using your smartphone for recording a call, you can count upon many paid and free apps that deliver great quality audio – but make sure to test before you buy. You can import files directly into your Scribie account from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive among other sites.
  3. Google Voice is a great option too. The flipside is it only works with incoming calls. 
  4. You can also use an in-ear microphone to record calls while using your cell phone. You will also need a portable recording device with this. If you are using your landline you can get the recordings done with the use of an inline recording device or an induction coil microphone.

But what if you are stuck with poor quality audio even after doing the above?

You need to clean it up. This process might be a long one and you might need professional help. There are many steps involved including aligning the tracks, normalizing the volume, compressing a voice, removing noise, and equalizing. While it might do wonders, sometimes it might just end up destroying the whole track. It is hence recommended to make a copy before starting the clean-up process.

Scribie has a better conference

Or probably the best. One of our customer favourite features lets you book and place a conference call through us, record the whole conversation, and get the same transcribed in one single go. All you need to do is enter your credit card details and some relevant information about the call. That’s it! You will get a high quality call recording available for download and the transcription of  the recording available in standard document formats in a few easy steps. Want to try it out? Click here now.

Video Timecodes Now Supported By Scribie

You asked, we listened, and we are giving you the option many of you have been talking about.  Scribie is proud to announce that video timecodes, sometimes known as Burnt-in timecodes, are now available.  

Some may be wondering, what is a burnt-in timecode? burnt in timecode Have you ever watched the extra features or blooper reels for a TV show or a movie and sometimes notice that the video being shot or watched has rolling numbers at the bottom?  It looks like time as the video plays.  That’s a burnt-in timecode.  

A burnt-in timecode (BITC) is a timecode that can be superimposed on a video and viewed through a monitor, but not actually burned into the video.  Instead it’s burned onto the picture frame and can be removed later on.  

BITCs are commonly used in the post-production or editing phase of a video project.  If you work in the editing industry, you know the value of having BITCs.  BITCs are useful when multiple individuals are working on the same project.  They can simply refer to a specific point in the video by using the BITC when reviewing the project.  It can also help with making notes and changes to a video project.

Scribie now offers this feature in video transcribing at an additional charge of $0.50 per minute.  For those of you who use editing on a regular basis or are working on a one time project alone or with others, BITCs can help to streamline the process and make going to certain points in the video much easier.  Talk about a time saver!

Scribie is more than happy to hear what its customers want and to listen to those requests.  Keep the suggestions coming and don’t forget to use for all your transcription needs.

Scribie Is Now A Responsive Website

Scribie loves its customers, and because of that strives to give you guys the best experience on its website.  Further to our customer-centric endeavours, like the Audio/Video Transcription API and the Teleconferencing With Built-in Recording And Transcription, responsive design was chosen to give you, the customer, a seamless experience that doesn’t compromise speed or functionality. With that in mind, Scribie is now a responsive website.

What’s a responsive website?  A website with a responsive design self-adjusts to fit whatever screen you may be viewing the website on.  If you are looking at the site on a desktop, it’s fit for that screen.  Looking at Scribie on a mobile phone or a tablet?  No more optimizations of the site that are kind of like the main site, similar to what you’d find with mobile optimized or mobile versions of the site. 

You will see the same site, just dynamically fit your screen.  The website is made responsive-design-google-friendlyto match your size of device and fit to work with your device’s capabilities. Think of it this way: if you’re looking a site on a tablet, your website experience may be split into two columns, whereas a mobile device would have the content in just one column.  

Sounds great, right? So, why would Scribie choose to go this route?  First of all, Scribie is dedicated to giving its customers an ubiquitous and enriching experience.  Secondly, this is a move to be in addition to you visiting our site on your laptop or desktop and not an alternative.  It’s all about simplicity.  You can now record information, calls, etc. on your tablet or mobile phone and then upload it to Scribie with ease.  Want to check the progress of your transcript?  With the new responsive design, you can do that effortlessly from  Just download your file wherever you may be and evaluate it at your convenience.

Scribie strives to make your transcription experience a simple, easy and speedy one.  Whether you’re in your office at work or home or maybe you’re on the go, you can get the same Scribie experience on all devices.

New Feature: Vimeo Importer

Vimeo videos can now be imported to directly for transcription. We have added a new tab to our uploads page where the Vimeo video links have to be copy-pasted.

The importer can import both public and private Vimeo files. For private files, the video needs to be password protected and imported (the password can be specified in the import page). Go to your Video Settings/Privacy on Vimeo to do that, as shown in the screenshot below.


And, since we now support video time-coding you can turn on the option directly when ordering the transcript!

If for some reason the import fails, please do not hesitate to contact support and request the file to be imported to your account. We will be happy to assist you.

New And Improved Payments

credit cards

We are pleased to announce that our payments system is now 100% PCI DSS v3.1 compliant. The credit card information does not even touch our servers now. it is passed directly to our payment processor from the browser. This adds an extra layer of security to all transactions made through Scribie. It’s based on the industry leading Braintree  solution.

The payments experience is now much more streamlined and easy to use. By default the payment method is stored in Braintree’s vault and can be used for further orders. The stored payment methods can be managed from the settings page. Once stored, it just takes one-click to order transcripts.

PayPal accounts can also be now stored as a payment method, which was not possible earlier. It also happens all on our website. The earlier method used to take you to the PayPal website for the payment.

This payment integration also has advanced fraud tools which will flag fraudulent payments. So you are safe even when you lose your credit card!

Try out our new payment system today. Upload your files and order transcripts now.

Our Transcription Rates Have Gone Down!

downloadScribie is pleased to announce the new reduced rates with faster turnarounds. We have been working hard to improve our transcription process and tools. With more efficient process and improve technology, we are able to pass on the benefit to our customers.

The following is a comparison of our old and new rates.

Type Old Rate New Rate
Flex 30 $0.80/min $0.65/min
Flex 15 N/A $0.75/min
Flex 5 $1.00/min $0.85/min
1 Day $1.50/min $1.00/min
Express $3.00/min $2.00/min

The rush hour delivery is now @ $2/min with 8-12 hours turnaround. Now getting a file for an urgent report is not as costly as it was before. The efficient 4-step process that we follow, ensures that transcripts meet guaranteed quality standard.

The standard 1 day delivery is at $1.00/min. The turnaround is actually anytime between  24-36 hours. A good quality audio file will be delivered within 24 hrs while a tough file might need additional rounds of proofreading and hence more time.

The Flex 5 type is now $0.85/min. This was earlier the 5-7 day turnaround tier and called as Flexible Week. It is more suited to customers who do not have any urgent requirement for the transcripts and hence can save on the cost.

On popular demand, we are also introducing a new tier called Flex 15 for $0.75/minute. The delivery is guaranteed within a fortnight, but may also get delivered earlier at around 10 days provided we are able to slot it.

The 1 month turnaround is now called Flex 30 and is best suited for customers who might be working on long running projects and have some time left before they can start working with the transcripts.

The new pricing will benefit the customer both in terms of cost and turnaround time. Scribie is now faster, cheaper and the best in the industry in terms of quality. So start uploading your files now.

Click here for more details on pricing. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

How Transcription Can Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts

If you are a content marketer you know the saying ‘Content is King’ is too good to be ignored. In a world driven by social networking and the Internet, content marketing does not just work directly to enhance sales; rather it works at a far deeper level. It is a strategic approach that seeks to eventually guide customers to sales funnels through the proper use and optimization of content. It then becomes mandatory for every content marketer to get the most of out of all the campaigns, and transcription can surely help in achieving that. 

video-seoSEO: According to a study conducted by eMarketer, an average adult in North America spends 5.5 hours a day on video content of which about 1.25 hours everyday is online. “In 2011, time spent with video on digital devices—PCs, mobile devices and other connected devices including over-the-top (OTT) and game consoles—totaled 21 minutes daily. This year, US adults will spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day with video on digital devices.” Content that can hold the attention and interest of possible customers is a goldmine for any marketer. Adding a transcription to such video helps in leveraging the results further by making it useful from SEO perspective. The text when added to the audio content improves search rankings by using long-tailed keywords, a result that is not possible for audio content alone to produce.

content creationEasy content creation: Generating relevant content regularly can sometimes be challenging. If you are a marketer, you may even find that process of writing a blogpost to be time consuming. Transcription can solve this problem once and for all. You can easily repurpose interviews or webinars into great blogs in no time, thus churning out content that your readers will love while saving valuable time for yourself. 

customer experienceEnhanced customer experience: While video content is engaging, many potential customers might lack the time or patience to go through the whole content. A transcribed text helps them to quickly scan through it and even assist in non-linear viewing, helping them with better understanding.

Transcription service is not only useful but affordable too. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, get in touch with Scribie today. Simply upload your files and enjoy impeccable transcription delivered within deadline.

Scribie has been helping create content for lot of its regular customers already. Check this link to find out how.