Comprehensive List of Top 22 [FREE] Webinar Tools

Every week our mailbox is filled with at least one email in regard to a webinar. But what exactly is a webinar? What is so significant about it, that it has evolved as the buzzword of almost every industry which has its presence on the online platform?

In the simplest form,

WEBINAR = Web + Seminar

The webinar can very well be defined as the event held indicatively on the internet and attended characteristically by the online audience.

This very feature of the webinar is also what differentiates it from a Webcast, which can be attended by offline audience too. … 


Upload Your Captions Directly to YouTube

We at Scribie have been working on a new feature that a lot of our customers who are YouTube content creators have been asking for.

You can now easily import your YouTube videos and directly upload your .srt files to your YouTube video from your Scribie account. … 


5 Best Practices While Recording a Video

“Recording is only half the work done. What truly matters, is what goes into making a video stand out from the rest and deliver what its audience seeks” goes a general saying.

Recording a video isn’t just about the tools and tech that brings it together but the way it is done.

Have you ever come across people who take much trouble to churn out a perfect video, get their tools right, choose the perfect setting, but the audio output isn’t of great quality? Or those that have a great video, but one that isn’t clear and therefore cannot be transcribed properly? … 


25 Must Have Tools for Video Creators

Have you ever wondered what it takes to come up with that alluring video which captivates both money and audience?

Well, it’s the strategic move of the impeccable video creator, who’s on the nose balance between tasks and tool, lets him filter out the champagne quality taste.

Therefore, after immense research on the sum of perspective and experience of varied videographers, we are here to baptize your video creation task for that extra amount of shapeliness. … 


Video SEO for Absolute Beginners (7 actionable Steps)

You hear about how video is the next big thing all the time.

I believe that this is completely untrue.

Video is ALREADY the BIG thing that people have been citing for years now.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the face of the earth. Not Bing.

Let that fact sink in.



Podcast transcriptions ( 5 reasons why should totally you do it)

Having decided to be a podcaster, you have taken a lot of effort to get your podcasts out there. So why not transcribe your podcasts.

You’ve done the research, set yourself up technically, recorded a brilliant episode and released it to the world.

Now, why not multiply the rewards of your effort even more by transcribing your podcast content? … 


Scribie’s Fourth of July Discount


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Bulk Download Feature Update

On popular demand, we have now launched a bulk download option in your account. You can now download your transcribed files in bulk and that too in 6 different formats which include Word, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument text, Plain text, SubRip Subtitle, WebVTT Subtitle.



A Comprehensive Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting is a very exciting and trending medium today. Having transcribed podcasts for the last couple of years now, we often come across people struggling with setting it up, finding the right hardware to record and transcribing the podcasts in a way that it adds value to the listeners. … 


Is Podcast Transcription Necessary?

With Podcasts becoming one of the more prominent content channels, it is crucial that content creators take podcast transcriptions a lot more seriously.

With some of the best podcasters out there, churning out brilliant content regularly, there is a huge upside to converting those audio clips into text formats (transcripts).