Podcast transcriptions ( 5 reasons why should totally you do it)

Having decided to be a podcaster, you have taken a lot of effort to get your podcasts out there. So why not transcribe your podcasts.

You’ve done the research, set yourself up technically, recorded a brilliant episode and released it to the world.

Now, why not multiply the rewards of your effort even more by transcribing your podcast content? … 


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Bulk Download Feature Update

On popular demand, we have now launched a bulk download option in your account. You can now download your transcribed files in bulk and that too in 6 different formats which include Word, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument text, Plain text, SubRip Subtitle, WebVTT Subtitle.



A Comprehensive Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting is a very exciting and trending medium today. Having transcribed podcasts for the last couple of years now, we often come across people struggling with setting it up, finding the right hardware to record and transcribing the podcasts in a way that it adds value to the listeners. … 


Is Podcast Transcription Necessary?

With Podcasts becoming one of the more prominent content channels, it is crucial that content creators take podcast transcriptions a lot more seriously.

With some of the best podcasters out there, churning out brilliant content regularly, there is a huge upside to converting those audio clips into text formats (transcripts).



Building a Custom Deep Learning Rig

Deep learning is a very exciting field to be part of right now. New model architectures, especially those trained with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), have enabled machines to do everything from defeating the world’s best human Go players to composing “classical music”. We wanted to take advantage of its applications in speech and language modeling, and started with AWS G2 instances. We soon found that training even very simple models on a small portion of our data took days at a time, so we decided to build our own rig with specialized hardware. … 


10 Things to Know Before Starting a Youtube Channel

Having transcribed thousands of videos this is one of the questions that we would like to answer in terms of YouTube content creation in particular.

As you may all be well aware of the fact that, YouTube today is the second biggest search engine in the world. Second only to the mighty Google. YouTube is a Google property and it is expected to have top quality content and deliver an experience that is consistent with other Google products. Having said that, YouTube although has a lot of professional content creators, it also has its fair share of amateur content creators who play a crucial path in its growth. … 


Beginner Transcriber Guide and Quick Tips

If you are new to transcription, consider this your quick start guide.  You’ll find a few tips in this concise guide to get you off on the right foot for you transcription career. … 


Featured Transcriber- Christine L

Scribie’s Featured Transcribers

At Scribie, we employ thousands of transcribers from around the world. These transcribers are the heart and soul of our service, and we rely heavily on their expertise and diligence to produce the best transcripts in the industry. We want to highlight and recognize these humble and fastidious individuals by telling their stories. … 


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