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At Scribie, we work with many court reporters and court reporting agencies. We understand the nuances of court reporting and the accuracy level needed with the transcripted documents for these clients. We worked closely with some of our top clients to better understand their problems and how we could strategize our solutions in a manner beneficial to them.

Clients faced a series of challenges in this space:

  1. The need for more timely turnaround times would make our clients’ lives difficult.
  2. They were struggling with multiple vendors since one vendor needed help to take on the complete scope of work.
  3. Erratic quality of the transcripted files, which required multiple revisions
  4. Transcripted documents need to be reformatted to comply with court regulations.

We have built a dedicated team with the expertise to serve our clients with accurate transcripts within the stipulated time and in the required format for court readiness. We have certified transcribers who are conversant with the transcript format guidelines commonly used by US courts, such as the US Judicial Conference guidelines (JCUS-SEP 1944) and other court jurisdictions. We built this capability as a co-creation with one of our leading clients, who understood the importance of law transcription and the accuracy of the final transcript.

We delivered various benefits: guaranteed quality, best-in-industry pricing, integrated solutions, and our standard promise of data confidentiality. The results enabled our customers to focus on building their own business and reputation.

Having worked with numerous clients over the past two or three years, we have received rave reviews from our clients as court transcriptionists. We are thrilled to be the first choice in terms of transcription services for several court reporters and court reporting agencies in the US. 

The above points are a testament to Scribie’s efforts towards innovative solutions. We strive to provide the best transcription services, following our vision of ‘AI-powered, Human-perfected.’ Reach out to us for all your deposition transcription services and needs. 

You can access our complete case study and read more about our legal transcription services on this page to understand our detailed solution and how we can better serve you.

Transcription Services from Scribie –

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We have a large team of qualified transcribers worldwide to maintain our promises of accuracy and turnaround time. Order from us for all your transcription requirements.

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