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Welcome to Scribie's legal transcription services, where we blend legal expertise with transcription excellence. Serving a diverse range of legal professionals, we deliver transcripts that are not just accurate but attuned to the nuanced demands of the legal world.

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Why Scribie For Your Legal Transcription Service

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  • Trained for Legal Precision: Our transcribers are not only experts in transcription but are also specially trained in legal terminology and documentation standards.
  • Custom Legal Formatting: Tailored formatting options meet the specific requirements of legal documents, ensuring they are court-ready. Download Sample
  • Exceptional Accuracy: With over 99%+ accuracy, our transcriptions capture every word with precision.
  • Teams Account: The team workspace feature is to help you collaborate with your peers and share a common workspace where everyone can work together. Each member can upload files, order transcripts, check the transcripts, view rates and invoices, etc. based on their assigned role. Learn More
  • API Integration: Seamless Integration, Superior Transcription: Bringing Our Service Directly to Your Legal Systems with Our API. Learn More
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Scribie provides around-the-clock support and a dedicated Account Manager dedicated to your team.

Check out our case study to understand how we have been able to help court reporters and court reporting
firms with deposition and courtroom transcription services.

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"I am a court reporter and use Scribie for deposition transcripts! It has been a game-changer for me. Saved me so much time and the accuracy and quick turnaround are amazing. I’ll be a lifetime customer as long as I’m working! Thanks so much 😊"
Ginger Dryden

Ginger Dryden