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Why Choose Scribie for your Academic Transcription Needs?

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  • Context and Accuracy: At the heart of our transcription service lies a commitment to context and accuracy. Our transcribers don’t just transcribe; they delve into the subject matter, ensuring every term, name, and concept is correctly understood and transcribed. This research-oriented approach guarantees that the final transcript reflects the true essence of your academic discourse, whether it's a complex scientific lecture or a nuanced historical analysis.
  • Custom Formatting: Your Transcript, Your Format, Tailoring Transcriptions to Your Unique Specifications. Learn More
  • Teams Account: The team workspace feature is to help you collaborate with your peers and share a common workspace where everyone can work together. Each member can upload files, order transcripts, check the transcripts, view rates and invoices, etc. based on their assigned role. Learn More
  • API Integration: Seamless Integration, Superior Transcription: Bringing Our Service Directly to Your University Systems with Our API. Learn More
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Scribie provides around-the-clock support and a dedicated Account Manager dedicated to your team.

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"I've tried a couple of transcription services, and Scribie is the best of the bunch for me. I used to use it to document a monthly discussion group meeting, and I'm now using it for a weekly graduate-level class. The transcribers are accurate and very knowledgeable. They handle esoteric terms with ease, to such an extent that I suspect they check things online (which is certainly going above & beyond). I'm also impressed that they use slides that are included in the video to get the spellings of unusual terms."