Flat Transcription Rates, Charged Per Minute of Audio

Lowest rates for clean files with American speakers, additional $0.50/minute for others

5 Days turn around
Best Value
36 Hours turn around
12 Hours turn around

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OptionAdditional Charge
Audio time-coding Included
BITC $0.50/minute
Speaker tracking Included
Word Document Included
Multiple Speakers Included
Accented Speakers $0.50/minute
Noisy Background $0.50/minute
Strict Verbatim $0.50/minute
Custom formatting $0.50 - $1.00/minute
Subtitle File $0.50/minute
Poor Audio $0.50/minute - $2.00/minute
  • All prices are in USD
  • Additional charges may apply for files with non-American accents, poor audio quality, distortions, distant speakers, high background and/or ambient noise. A full refund will be issued if the additional charges is unacceptable, or if the file is un-transcribeable.
  • A delivery limit of 20 hours of transcripts per week, 4 hours or 50 files per day (approximately) may apply for bulk orders. The deliveries will be staggered over a number of days and at least 4 hours will be delivered per day. Please check the full delivery policy for more information.

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TypeTurn Around TimeRate (per minute)Cost
Budget5 Days$0.60-
Regular36 Hours$1.20-
Rush12 Hours$2.40-

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