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30 mins turn around
Around 80-95% accuracy
Audio time coding
Speaker tracking
Word document
SRT/VTT subtitle file
Minimum order of $1 per file
< 80% accuracy for accented speakers
< 60% accuracy noisy/poor audio
24 Hours turn around
99% accuracy
Audio time coding
Speaker tracking
Word document
SRT/VTT subtitle file
Strict verbatim+ $0.50/min
Noisy/accented audio+ $0.50/min
Burnt-in time coding (BITC)+ $0.50/min
For Subscription or Custom Plans please contact sales
Pay as you go$0/monthOrder Now
1 month free
Transcription Rate$0.80/min$0.76/min Custom
Turn around24 hours12-24 hours Custom
99% Accuracy
Strict verbatim + $0.50/min + $0.47/minCustom
Noisy/poor accented audio + $0.50/min + $0.47/minCustom
Burnt-in time coding (BITC) + $0.50/min + $0.47/min Custom
Transcription Rate$0.10/min$0.09/minCustom
Turn around30 mins30 mins30 mins
80-95% Accuracy
Accuracy for accented speakers< 80%< 80%< 80%
Accuracy noisy/poor audio< 60%< 60%< 60%
Minimum order per file$1$1$1
Common Features
Audio time coding
Speaker tracking
Word document
SRT/VTT subtitle file
Prioritized delivery
Recommended for< 5 hours/month5-50 hours/month> 50 hours/month
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For any additional questionsContact us
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Frequently asked questions

What is automated transcription?

Automated transcription is a transcript generated by our AI. It has an accuracy of 80-95% and may require corrections.

What is manual transcription?

Manual transcription is done by our certified transcribers and we guarantee 99% accuracy for it.

Can I get a formal quote?

Yes, please fill out this form and we will send you a quote on our letterhead.

Can you sign an NDA?

Yes, please send your agreement to support@scribie.com.

How secure is Scribie?

Security and confidentiality is our first priority. We restrict access strictly on a need-to-know basis and all our transcribers are under NDA. All traffic between the browser and our servers is encrypted with industry standard HTTPS and SSL technologies.

What languages do you support?

We support only English language as of now. We are planning to add support for other languages soon.

Do you offer discounts?

No, our transcription rates are already the lowest in the industry. However, we do have seasonal promotions. Please sign up with our newsletter to receive those coupons.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel the order as long as the progress is lower than 40%. The amount refunded will be proportional to the progress. We do not offer refunds after the file has been delivered. We however offer free re-reviews.

What is a Pro plan?

Pro plan is an upgraded version of Pay As You Go plan where you get lower rates and faster delivery for a monthly or yearly charge.

What is a Custom plan?

Custom plans are subscription plans which are designed for enterprises as per their requirements.

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24 Hours turn around30 mins turn around
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Service was faster than expected. Error rate was less than 1%. I am very impressed. I will call on you again. A great value at price. I have worked with news networks that use the expensive services out of New York. Your service is equal or better.

The transcripts are very accurate. I like the pricing options based on turnaround time and the ability to track progress prior to completion. They have always met their deadlines.

I appreciate their ability to be flexible and provide transcripts earlier if needed OR later if we do not need them for awhile. They also adjust or provide pricing adjustments if not able to transcribe the file. Thank you for your competitive pricing and great service.

I have been using Scribie since the days of Call Graph: I opened my account in July 2008! I have always been impressed by your commitment to keep doing better work, and somehow you do. Scribie has helped me do my job better, by giving me more time to be creative. Thank you for making it so easy!

— years of operation15+

We started in 2008 to build the best platform for customers and transcribers

— minutes transcribed8M+

Experienced in transcribing any English spoken audio/video files with high accuracy

— Transcribers50K+

Huge group of skilled transcribers spread all over the world working remotely

— Customers68K+

Customers from every field, Support, Student, Reasearchers, Podcasters and so on

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