Qualities of a Great Transcription Service to Look For This 2022

We strive daily to help multiple organizations increase efficiencies and ease their workload with our transcription services. We have specialized offerings and product features. A few of these features are continuous requirements based on use cases.

We want our clients to make the most of their content. We have standardized these offerings & they are available as a free tier in our service package. Let’s take a look at these offerings below –

1. Audio Time Coding –

It helps our clients synchronize text with their original content timeline so users have a better playback and seeking experience. It is useful for anyone who makes engaging or informational content from podcast creators to media enterprises and even e-learning platforms. We have worked with multiple clients who have seen benefits from this feature. It has helped improve the engagement and experience they provide as well.

2. Speaker Tracking –

Clients can allow their viewers/listeners to follow an entire conversation with ease, especially when there are multiple speakers in the scene. Undoubtedly, a use case for this feature is within media content, but many of our clients from the marketing industry have used this successfully as well. They uncover unique perspectives from a particular individual from their research interview recordings.

3. SRT/VTT Subtitle File –

For almost all types of content, a well-formatted transcription in a subtitle file helps immensely with accessibility for individuals who like to follow along or those who are hard of hearing. Making your content suitable for a wider audience helps increase reach and expand your audience. As a bonus, our subtitle files are ready to upload on YouTube, along with your content. 

4. Word Document –

We offer our transcript copy in multiple file formats for clients to ease a lot of processes. It helps with script review, accuracy of delivery, and content amongst others. Clients can also use it as a reference file in case they want to re-purpose their content later. Furthermore, it also becomes easier to create an indexable archive of all the content. This has helped multiple clients from the legal industry easily manage their documents and quickly cross-reference them.


Finally, with a range of these free benefits that our clients have obtained to date, our transcription services provide the extra value that is necessary. 


Transcription Services from Scribie –

If you are a content creator, legal group, media house, or anyone looking for a transcription service, check out how we are priced by following this link – https://scribie.com/transcription/pricing. We work on both audio transcriptions and video transcriptions, irrespective of the content quality. Sign up for our newsletter today from our website and be updated about the new developments in our services.

We have a large team of qualified transcribers around the world to ensure that our promises of accuracy and turnaround time are maintained. Reach out to us for all your transcription requirements.



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