Scribie Audio/Video Transcription Service

  • 1 Submit application
  • 2 Take the online test
  • 3 Earn @ $10/audio hour


  • Home-based job, work at your convenience
  • $10/audio hour pay rate, USD
  • Short files, 6 minutes or less
  • 2 hours TAT for each file
  • Promotion to Reviewer if performance is good
  • Monthly Bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed
  • No obligations, no monthly commitments or withdrawal limits
  • We don't assign; instead you pick and choose the files to work on

Introduction offers a great opportunity to augment your income with a home-based online transcription job. You can enroll with us as a freelance transcriber and earn hourly for the work done. You just need to go through a test process and get certified as a transcriber. Once certified we will pay you for the files you transcribe and/or review on You can choose the files you want to work on and check the quality before selecting. For each file completed your account will be credited with the amount applicable (eg. $1 for a 6 minute file). The earnings can be withdrawn to your PayPal account anytime. There are no monthly commitments, obligations or minimum withdrawal limits. Payments are made promptly and you may delete your account anytime you wish.

If you are an experienced transcriber and have spare time, then can help you to fill that up. If you are starting your career as a transcriptionist then you can gain valuable experience and hone your skills on

We have transcribed more than 1,058,700.90 minutes of audio and have paid around $380,428.54 to 8632 certified transcribers (browse profiles).


Verified PayPal Account

We send payments via PayPal and we require a Verified PayPal account in order to be eligible for this program. It is a necessary requirement and cannot be relaxed. In order to verify your PayPal account, it has to be linked to a bank account and/or credit card depending upon your country. Please check the PayPal FAQ for the exact process. If you do not have a PayPal account already then please sign up for one and get it verified before applying. It is free to sign up for PayPal.

This requirement is specifically to ensure that you are able to receive the money when we transfer your earnings to your PayPal account. A Verified PayPal account indicates that you are able to successfully transfer your earnings to a bank account eventually. It also helps us save on support costs for payments related issues.

You can specify any PayPal account as long as it's Verified and not in use already. It can also be changed later on. The PayPal account is not used for any purpose other than funds transfer. We do not support any other payment methods currently.

Transcription Process

Our transcription process consists of following steps.

File Splitting

Raw Transcription



Quality Check

1. File Splitting: In the first step, the audio file is split at 6 minute intervals.

2. Raw Transcription: In this step, the audio for each part file is played back and transcribed as accurately and cleanly as possible. The incomprehensible parts are marked with blanks.

3. Review: During Review, the Raw Transcript is checked for correctness and quality. The audio file is played back again and each transcribed word is checked against the audio. The blanks are filled, if possible. Timestamps and speaker tracking are also added at this stage.

4. Proofreading: In this step all part files are collated together and the combined transcript is checked against the audio once more.

5. Quality Check: In the last step, the transcript is quality checked and either delivered to the customer or re-proofread.

The Freelance Transcription Program is applicable at steps 2 and 3, namely Raw Transcription and Review. It enables a certified transcriber to select part files and submit raw transcripts and/or review them. This system is fully online and it manages certification, file allocation, submission tracking, performance tracking and payments among other things. This system is designed to minimize the time and effort required for transcription and maximize the transcript quality.

A detailed description of our process is available here.


We pay $10 per audio hour for Raw Transcription and Review. Audio hour means that you are paid for the amount of audio you transcribe and not for the actual time spent working on it. Therefore for a 6 minute file you will be paid $1. The earnings are credited to your account once your submission is reviewed and it accumulates there. It can be withdrawn to your PayPal account anytime from your account. There is no minimum withdrawal limit and the funds will be sent to your PayPal account in 1 business day.

There are no application fees or any other charges.


We pay a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed each month. The bonus is paid at the 1st day of each calendar month and it includes all submissions which have been reviewed in the previous calendar month. Three hours each month equates to around one 6 minute file each day. Therefore if you submit 6 minutes of raw transcripts or reviews each day, your monthly earnings will be $40 including the bonus payment.

There is no limit on the number of files you can submit each day. Therefore the bonus amount depends solely on your ability. For example, your monthly earnings will be $40 if you submit 6 minutes each day, $400 if you submit 1 hour each day, $800 if you submit 2 hours each day and so on.

Please note that since the files are always 6 minutes or shorter, you can select files whenever you have some free time to spare in between other tasks. You can also select the files any time during the day.

Referral & Affiliate

You can increase your earnings further by referring other transcribers and/or customers to us. We will pay a 10% affiliate commission to you for each transcript order placed by a referred customer. For referred transcribers, we will pay a 5% referral commission to you on their direct earnings. There is no limit on the amount you can earn from referral or affiliate commissions.

We encourage you to promote your profile on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The profile page has referral/affiliate codes embedded in it. Anyone who applies as a transcriber or orders a transcript after visiting your profile page will be automatically marked as your referral.

Certification Process

The certification process consists of several steps. A summary is provided below.


Confirm Email

Wait For Invite

Create Account

Submit Test File


1. Application Submission: The first step is to submit your application from the Apply tab. You will be given an application number after the submission is complete. You can track your application using the number provided from the Apply tab.

2. Email Confirmation: To confirm your email address we will send an email to the address provided with a link. Please visit the link in your browser to complete the submission. You can request a re-send of the confirmation email or delete the application and re-apply if you made a mistake with the email address.

3. Wait List Allocation: Your application will be reviewed within 1 business day and either accepted or rejected. You will be notified of this via email. If rejected you can delete and re-apply. If accepted you will be added to the waiting list for the test. You can track your waiting list number with your application number from the Apply tab. There are 0 applicants on the waiting list currently and the estimated waiting period is 1 days.

4. Test Invitation: We will invite you to take the test when your waiting list number reaches zero. The invitation will be sent to your email address and will contain a link. Visiting the link in your browser will prompt you to create an account on Creating the account requires you to choose a password, which along with your email address can subsequently be used to login to Account creation is required only once and you can delete your account anytime.

5. Test File Submission: Once you login to your account, you will be presented with a list of files. You have to choose one of the files, transcribe it and submit the transcript. The submission will be first screened to check if it is adequate and it may get re-assigned to you at this stage. If re-assigned you will be notified via email. Therefore please watch out for an email regarding that after you have submitted your test file.

6. Certification: When your submission is accepted for review, a review-by date will be assigned for the file. Depending upon the results of the review you will either be certified as a transcriber (and paid for the test file) or rejected. If rejected, you may compare the differences between your submission and the reviewed file, enable re-test and submit another test file. The maximum number of attempts is 10.

Post Certification

After you have been certified, you can login to your account with your email address and password and select any of the available files. Files are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and assigned to the first person who selects them. You can select as many files as you want but you can have only one assigned file at a time. The assignments have to be submitted within 2 hours with one allowed extension for an hour. You may also cancel your assignment or report it as bad quality after selecting. There are no penalties for cancellation or timeouts.

Your account will be credited with the respective dollar amount for the file once the submission is reviewed. Each file has review-by date and the review will be completed on or before that date. The earnings keep accumulating on your account till you submit a withdrawal request to transfer the earnings to your PayPal account. All withdrawal requests are processed in 1 business day. There are no minimum limits on withdrawals. However a fee of 2% is charged if the amount is less than $30.

We also provide you with an certified profile page and a embeddable widget which you can display on your blog or website. The certificate accredits you as an audio transcriber on and lists your work experience and performance history. You can use this certificate as a reference for the transcription work done on, if required.

Grades & Promotions

We employ a grading system to track performance. The grades range from A+ (5/Excellent) to D (1/Poor) and are based on word error rates of the submission. The average grade reflects your performance. It is important to maintain a good average grade since you may be promoted or demoted based on it.

You may be promoted as a Reviewer after 1 audio hour of raw transcript submissions have been reviewed and your average grade is above 3.5. As a reviewer you can review Raw Transcript's submitted by other certified transcribers and grade them. You may be further promoted as a Self-Reviewer once 10 review submissions have been verified and your average grade is above 3.5. As a Self-reviewer you can select a Raw Transcript assignment, submit it, select the same file for Review and submit the reviewed file. Self-reviewing effectively doubles your payment rate.

Conversely, if your average grade falls below 3 you will not be able to select any files. However, your account will remain active and you can still accrue Referral and Affiliate commissions, if any.

We also provide a dispute resolution mechanism for incorrectly graded and/or reviewed files. The disputes are completely anonymous and are arbitrated by our administrators. Our final decision is binding.

Get Started

Please click on the Apply tab and submit your application to start. Please make sure you satisfy all the requirements before applying. For any questions, please check the FAQ or contact us via email.

Transcription Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for transcription. Please adhere to them strictly.

  1. The transcript SHOULD not contain text other than the spoken audio. No headers/footers, speaker tracking, time-codes, comments etcetera.
  2. No part of the audio SHOULD be omitted, unless specified otherwise.
  3. Inaudible parts SHOULD be omitted and marked with a blank ____.
  4. Laughter SHOULD be omitted and marked with [laughter] or [chuckle].
  5. Ellipsis ... SHOULD be used to indicate unfinished sentences or mid-sentence pauses.
  6. Contractions such as wanna, gonna etcetera SHOULD be transcribed as spoken and not expanded.
  7. Numbers below ten SHOULD be transcribed in letters and numerals otherwise, except for measurements.
  8. Parts of audio not relevant to the discussion MAY be omitted and marked with [background conversation].
  9. The number of mistakes SHOULD not be greater than 2 for every 10 comprehensible words spoken in the audio.
  10. Each speaker's diction SHOULD begin on a new paragraph and paragraphs SHOULD be separated by an empty line.
  11. Filler words such as Right, You know, I think etcetera, false starts and stutters MAY be omitted, unless necessary, and SHOULD be included for strict verbatim files.
  12. Utterances SHOULD be omitted for non-strict verbatim files, unless necessary. For strict verbatim files, only the following utterances SHOULD be transcribed: Mm-hmm if in agreement, Uh-huh if in disagreement, Umm and Uh.


  • SHOULD guidelines are mandatory, MAY guidelines are optional.
  • The files are non-strict verbatim by default. Strict verbatim files will be specified as such by an instruction.
  • Please report files which are blank or contain only background conversation, distortions etc. as bad audio from the dropdown menu next to the timer. Such files may be returned to the customer and earnings may be deducted.

Sample Transcript

The following is a sample transcript which illustrates the formatting required for raw transcripts. Please note the following:

  • There is no speaker tracking, eg. Person 1/Person 2, Interviewer/Interviewee etc. The transcript only contains the speaker's diction.
  • There are no timecodes. For parts which are inadible blanks have been left without any time-coding information of any sort.
  • Each speaker's diction is on a separate pragraph, with an empty line in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the question link to view the corresponding answer or click here to show all answers.

1. General

1.1 What is the payment rate?
$10 per audio hour, i.e. $1 for a 6 minute file.
1.2 What does audio hour mean?
You are paid for the length of the audio file, not the amount of time it takes for you to transcribe.
1.3 What is the TAT?
2 hours. All files are 6 minutes long or shorter.
1.4 What is the type of transcription?
General transcription.
1.6 What is the language?
1.7 What are the accents of the speakers?
North American, British, European, Australian, African, Indian or mixed.
1.8 How long are the files?
6 minutes or shorter.
1.9 Do you have files longer than 6 minutes?
No. All files are 6 minutes or shorter.
1.10 How long does it take to transcribe a 6 minute file?
18 minutes on an average. It will vary depending on your comprehension ability, typing speed, quality of the audio file, etc.
1.11 How many files can I select/submit per day?
As many as you want. However you can have only one selected assignment at a time.
1.12 Does the pay rate depend on performance?
No. However once you become a reviewer and can self-review your own files, your pay rate will effectively double and you will be earning $20 per audio hour.
1.13 Does the pay rate depend on amount of work done?
No. However we pay a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours of work completed per month, which equates to around 1 file each day.
1.14 How frequently are the payments made?
The earning is credited to your account when your submission is reviewed and it accumulates there. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account anytime.
1.15 How long does it take to review a submission?
1 day to 1 week. Each file has a scheduled date of review and it may be reviewed before that date.
1.16 How much work is available each day?
Around 208 files were added each day in the last 3 months, on an average.
1.17 Is this available for non-US residents?
Yes, as long as all other requirements are met.

2. PayPal

2.1 Do you support payment methods other than PayPal?
No, we currently support only PayPal.
2.2 Can you send money to my Credit Card/Bank Account and/or a check?
No, we currently support only PayPal.
2.3 How will I receive the money in my bank account?
You can transfer the funds to your bank account via bank transfer or check from your PayPal account.
2.4 What is PayPal?
PayPal is a popular payment service which can be used to send and receive money. Please visit for details.
2.5 Why is a PayPal account required?
To receive the payment for the work done. Once the funds are in your PayPal account you can transfer it to your bank account.
2.6 Why is a Verified PayPal account required?
To ensure that you can receive money and you are familiar with the process. Please check the PayPal section of the Introduction tab for more.
2.7 Is the PayPal account used for any other purpose?
No. The PayPal email address is used only to send money and is not shared, sold or spammed in any manner. Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn about the rules that govern all the data associated with your account.
2.8 How do I sign up for PayPal?
Please visit the PayPal Sign Up page and sign up for a personal account.
2.9 Do I have to pay any fee for PayPal?
No, PayPal sign up is free.
2.10 How can I verify my PayPal account?
You have to link your PayPal account with your bank account or credit card. Please check the PayPal Verification FAQ for details.
2.11 Can I apply if my PayPal account is un-verified?
A Verified PayPal account is a necessary requirement. We reject applications in which the PayPal account supplied are un-verified.
2.12 Can I apply if my PayPal account verification is in progress?
Please apply once your verification is complete. We reject applications in which the PayPal account supplied are un-verified.
2.13 Can I use someone else's PayPal account?
Yes, as long as they are not already in use by someone else on
2.14 Can I change the PayPal account later on?
Yes, it can be changed.
2.15 From which countries do you accept applications?
Since we use PayPal for the payment processing, we are restricted to countries supported by PayPal.

3. Application

3.1 What are the next steps after I have submitted my application?
Please read the Certification Process section of the Introduction tab for an overview of the steps.
3.2 When will my application be reviewed?
Within 1 business day.
3.3 Why can't I login even though my application has been accepted?
Because you don't have an account yet. You will be asked to create one after you receive the test invite.
3.4 How do I change my email address on the application?
Please delete your application and re-apply. Unfortunately, the email address cannot be changed while on the waiting list.
3.5 Why was my application rejected?
We reserve the right to reject an application without providing an explanation for it. However most applications are rejected because the PayPal account supplied is un-verified and/or the application is a duplicate.
3.6 Can I re-apply?
Yes. Please be sure to delete your old application before submitting a new one, otherwise it may be marked as duplicate and rejected.
3.7 How do I delete my application?
Please check the status of your application, click on the 'Request Deletion' button, check your email for the deletion request email and visit the link provided in it.
3.8 How can I check the status of my application?
Please go to the apply tab and enter your application number. Or visit the link provided in the application submission confirmation email.
3.9 How can I check the status if my application number is lost?
Your application cannot be retrieved anymore.
3.10 Why did I not receive the application submission email?
Please check your spam or bulk mail folder. Please also ensure that emails from are not marked as spam by your email provider.

4. Transcription Test

4.1 Is the waiting list necessary?
We reserve only a limited number of files for the test. Since test invites are sent on a first-come first-serve basis, we have to have the waiting list so that each applicant can get his or her turn.
4.2 Why does the waiting period fluctuate?
The waiting period directly related to our work load. It changes as our work load increases or decreases.
4.3 Why doesn't the waiting list number fluctuate with the waiting period?
The waiting list number is the number of applicants who have applied before you. Therefore it can only decrease.
4.4 Is there a way to speed up the process?
Unfortunately no. Everybody has to wait for their turn. However you can always spread the word about on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, website and other places and help us get more customers. More work load will accelerate the pace at which the test invites are sent and shorten your waiting period.
4.5 Will the test invite expire after some time?
No. You can take the test at your convenience.
4.6 How long can I defer my test?
For an indefinite period.
4.7 How many test files do I have to submit?
One, unless you fail and have to re-take it.
4.9 Why can't I see any files when I log in?
The files are added on a first come first serve basis and assigned to the first person who selects them. Please wait for new files to be added. A notification will be sent to your email address as soon as new files are available.
4.10 Is it possible to get more test file choices?
Yes. Please keep checking. New test files are added every day.
4.11 When will new test files be added?
Unfortunately, we cannot predict when the next set of test files will be added. Please wait for the email notification and check as soon as you receive it.
4.12 Can I re-apply after my 10 test attempts are over?
No, duplicate applications are rejected. Please practice before taking the test.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 How can I refer someone else for this program?
Please ask them to visit and ask them to apply.
5.2 Will I get the referral commission if I'm not an certified transcriber?
No. You have to be an certified transcriber to get the commission.
5.3 Are any taxes deducted from the earnings?
No. You are responsible to manage your own taxes. We will provide any supporting documents on request.
5.4 Will I be hired as an employee/independent contractor of Scribie?
No. You will be paid on hourly basis for the work done and considered as self-employed.
5.5 Is there a application fee?
No, there are no fees or charges.
5.6 Do you outsource work to companies?
Unfortunately, no. Only individuals are eligible for this program.

Practice Files


  • Click on the blue play button to listen online (requires latest version of Adobe Flash Plugin for your browser) and choose one of the files.
  • For the chosen file click on the 'Select' button. It will open the Editor where it can be transcribed.
  • Press F10 and listen for 5 seconds.
  • Press F10 again to pause. Type what was said in the text box provided.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the file. Press F7 to go back and F12 to insert a blank for inaudible parts.
  • A spellcheck is mandatory and will be started automatically on submit. Please complete the spell check to proceed with the submission.
  • On submission, your transcript will be compared with our version and the differences will be shown. Study the diff carefully.
  • Please use a supported browser; latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with latest Adobe Flash plugin.
  • Please note that these files are provided for practice and are not representative of the actual test files. Actual test files are much harder.


Already applied? Check your application status.