In today’s landscape, efficiency and accuracy are paramount for business needs. At Scribie, we understand the diverse needs of clients from diverse industries. We work towards easing their business needs through our tailored transcription services.

In our previous post, we have given an overview of the complimentary add-on services that Scribie provides on each transcription. Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end here because we go a step further by offering a few extra services to enhance the value and output. These services can be subscribed to when placing your order and are tailored to specific use cases and requirements.

Here is a breakdown of these specific services that we provide:

  1. Verbatim Transcription:It captures all the utterances (e.g. umm, hmmm), pauses, and non-verbal cues which are otherwise omitted by default. These can be included in your transcriptions at an additional $0.50 per minute. This benefits multiple industries where comprehensive records of the spoken content are important. It could be in the case of media, legal, or any other industry.
  2. Rush Order:In case of urgency, customers can expedite their orders for faster delivery, surpassing the standard timeline at an extra cost of $1.25 per minute. In such instances, orders are prioritized three times faster. However, files exceeding 2 hours may require a processing timeline of 12 hours or more. We have the capability and the capacity to go faster than our standard TAT and deliver with the same level of accuracy.
  3. Burnt-In Timecoding(BITC):Burnt-In Timecoding is commonly used in video production processes for the synchronisation of multiple videos, and organisation of the footage during the editing process. This is helpful for content creators, video editors, media, etc. We offer Burnt-in Timecoding in transcripts at an extra charge of $0.50 per minute, facilitating both video editing and transcription processes.
  4. Noisy/Accented Audio:In various scenarios recorded video or audio content may contain background noise, making it difficult to understand the exact dialogue or understand speakers with specific accents. We offer the option to include cues related to noisy or accented backgrounds in transcripts, available at an additional cost ranging from $0.50 to $1.00 per minute.
  5. Custom Formatting:For many clients, our work does not stop at transcription. They look to us to support them with their industries’ nuanced custom formatting needs. We have even developed bespoke applications to support specific formatting requirements—especially for some of our clients in the Court Reporting field.

These additional services empower our clients to customize their transcription output according to their needs and objectives.

Transcription Services from Scribie –

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