Top 3 Benefits of Using Scribie

Scribie is a tool that converts spoken audio to text. There are a wide range of benefits to using Scribie. In this blog, we will go over three of the most important benefits of using Scribie.

After reading this blog, you should have a better understanding of why Scribie could be the perfect tool for you to use for your business.

Scribie allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy your videos or audio recordings

If you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, or any other type of business that involves audio recording, then by converting the audio to text with Scribie, you make your content available to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In the United States alone, about 30 million people, or roughly one in every 8 people have some level of hearing loss.

So, if you are not offering subtitles in your videos or a transcription of your audio content, you are potentially missing out on tens of millions of customers, viewers, or fans. Scribie can fix this for you by converting your audio to text.

Scribie produces 99% accurate transcriptions

Scribie uses an advanced 4-step process to produce transcriptions that are 99% and more accurate. This is a significantly better accuracy rate than our any competitors.

Because our transcriptions are so accurate, using Scribie will save you a ton of time. You will not have to go through the transcriptions and make extensive edits.

Instead, you will see that the transcriptions are almost completely perfect and might just need a few edits. If you produce videos or audio content on a regular basis, Scribie will save you an enormous amount of time creating accurate transcriptions.

Scribie can help you boost engagement for your YouTube videos

It is a fact that YouTube videos with subtitles get more watch time. YouTube videos with subtitles are watched to completion 91 percent of the time and YouTube videos without subtitles are watched to completed only 66% of the time.

This means that if you use Scribie to help you generate subtitles and if you add these subtitles to your YouTube videos, then you can dramatically boost your video watch time and viewer engagement.

In addition to getting more watch time, YouTube videos with subtitles are also shared more often. In fact, videos with subtitles are shared 15 % more on average than videos without subtitles.

Considering the fact that viewer engagement is a crucial factor in YouTube rankings for videos, having better engagement with subtitles is highly beneficial to you if you are a YouTube creator.


If your business involves the regular creation of audio or video content, then it is absolutely crucial for you to make sure that you have text transcriptions to accompany your content.

Having text transcriptions allows you to add subtitles to your videos or to have a downloaded text file to accompany your podcast or other audio content.

When you have text to accompany your audio and/or video recordings, it can help you to reach a wider audience because many people cannot hear properly due to medical issues.

Using Scribie to create these text transcriptions can save you a ton of time because you won’t have to generate them yourself.

Our transcriptions can also help you to dramatically boost engagement for your content. Ready to get started with Scribie? Get in touch today!

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