The Cost Of Hiring A Transcriptionist

The Cost Of Hiring A Transcriptionist

When you are trying to get a file transcribed, hiring a freelancer might offer itself as a promising option. But the reality may beg to differ. When compared to a transcription company, a freelancer might lack the specialised skill, knowledge, and may even come with a lot of hassles. But that’s just the tip. There are many other points where a transcription company would outweigh an individual freelancer even when the person is sincere about the work.

Searching is difficult

The first step is to find a person who will offer quality job in a timely manner. This is especially true if the person is a newbie trying his/ her hands at transcription for the first time. Even after hiring a freelancer you may have to send a file and follow-up on a regular basis to ensure that the job is getting attention.

Credibility is often questionable

Even when you manage to find a freelancer, credibility remains a grey area. It depends upon you to ask for recommendations so that you can make a more informed choice. A company on the other hand offers a much organised service. Plus, it is always easier to find out the reputation of a company rather than an individual freelancer.

Problem of bulk task

An individual freelancer might not be able to manage a lot of files together. A company however can do that with ease since it has the resource that is needed for this kind of job. Hence even when someone fails to do a job, the other person in the team jumps in. And you are kept out of this hassle because you get your work delivered right on time!

Negotiating the price is difficult

A company has a fixed rate, but a freelancer does not. The latter often determines his/ her pay rate which might not be suitable for your purpose. You might end up having to negotiate for a lengthy period of time.

No assurance of quality
Even when you agree to pay a hefty sum of money to a freelancer transcriber, you may not get the quality of work that you deserve. On the other hand, a transcriber asking for too low a rate almost always ends up delivering sub-standard work.

Apart from the usual cost and quality problems, even a sincere freelancer may be unsuitable to handle all kinds of accents. A company, with its rich resource, training, and specialisation can be the better and more efficient alternative.

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