Teleconferencing With Built-in Recording And Transcription


Flat Rate

Pay only 3¢ per minute per caller for the call, recording is free


Calls are recorded and transcribed by default, guaranteed accuracy

MP3 File

Recording is provided as standard MP3 file, free download from your account

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the call cost?

3¢ per minute per caller, charged to your credit card when the call ends, non-refundable. The cost of transcription is charged separately at our usual rates.

How much does it cost for the caller?

Calls to the dial-in number is free if you are calling from continental US or Canada. International callers however have to pay the local carrier charges since the number is a US number.

How is the recording done?

The recording is done on the server side and the audio data is captured directly off-the-wire. The recorded file sounds exactly as the actual call without any artifacts.

Isn't recording off the speaker phone easier?

It is, but then the quality is not great. You may end up with a distorted file which is un-transcribeable. Recording off-the-wire is a much better and safer way.

How can I download the recorded file?

The MP3 file can be downloaded anytime after the call has ended from your files page of your account. The file is posted within 5 minutes.

When are the transcripts available?

The transcript file is delivered as per the turnaround time specified while booking or starting the call. We have four options available for the turnaround times and the transcription rate varies accordingly.

Can this be used with Skype or VoIP?

No, unless you have a Skype number or a US calling plan with your Skype account. Since this is a regular PSTN call, Skype users can join the conference only if they can call out to PSTN numbers. Of if they have a Skype number, we can dial out and add them to the conference automatically.

Does this support video conferencing?

No, this is the plain old audio only teleconferencing service. However, we do have plans to add support for browser based video calling in our roadmap using WebRTC. Please feel free to contact us with feature requests and/or suggestions, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help.