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per minute of audio/video, with a minimum per file charge of $1.00



Accuracy for files with American speakers and clean audio, around 80% for others



Turn around time for files shorter than 2 hours, around 2 hours for others

Sample Transcript

Yeah, and it just makes what you're doing the work that you're doing now, even more exciting, right?

Yeah, certainly, I think it can be overwhelming to a lot of times,



Commas, question marks, periods, hypens, quotes are included

Integrated Editor

Self-correct the transcript quickly with our powerful browser-based Editor


Download SRT/VTT subtitles, add it to your YouTube video as captions


File never leaves our server and remains un-touched by humans

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Fresh New Approach

Continual Learning

We continuously keep improving our models by re-training on the manually corrected transcripts

Real World Data

Our models are built from the data we collected over the years from our manual transcription service

Built for Transcribers

By our transcribers, and designed to reduce the manual effort required for corrections from ground-up

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Business Solutions

Custom Models

Convert your audio/video files into a custom speech recognition engine. We provide end-to-end solutions, from labelling to deployment of models.


Get volume pricing for API usage, hosted versions, on-premise or cloud based solutions. We can also customize it to your vocabulary and data.

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