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At, our big vision is that eventually all audio/video content created by man will be available as text and the knowledge capital therein will be unlocked for the greater good of humankind. To further this vision we are offering our transcription service free of charge to podcasters. The files will be transcribed whenever we are able to schedule it in and we will send you the transcripts once it's complete. We will also post the audio and transcript on our blog.

This pro bono work allows us to fill up our spare capacity and utilize it for public good. Plus it gives us some sample transcripts which we can show off to our customers. And hopefully it creates some goodwill for us as well.

To be eligible for this program, you must be the publisher of the podcast. We also reserve the right to reject any submission without providing any reason.


No catch. This is pro bono work.
As of December 2016, we are way behind schedule. We do not have a definite time frame of when we will be able complete it. However we are offering discount coupons for our paid service, if you need it urgently.
Please submit via the form below.
You will retain the copyright but permit us to post the audio and transcript on our blog.
No, only the one's you are the publisher of.

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