How It Works

Transcriber Ceritification


Freelancers go through a test process to become certified transcribers on Once certified they can select files which are available for transcription and work on them. They are paid on an hourly basis and we monitor their performance closely. Good performance is rewarded by them being promoted to reviewers. Please read the certification subsystem blog post to learn more.



When a transcript order comes in we split the file into smaller parts and make them available for transcription. Each part file is worked on individually by a transcriber. The main typing work is done at this stage. Since the files are split into smaller parts, several transcribers can work on the file simultaneously which reduces the time taken to transcribe the file and distributes the effort required. Please read the transcription process blog post to learn more.



Each part file transcript is then reviewed by our reviewers. The transcript is checked against the audio file and mistakes are corrected. Inaudible portions are marked with a blank and timestamped. Speaker tracking and timestamps are also added at this stage. The review process improves the accuracy of the transcript significantly. Please read the review process blog post to learn more.



When all parts are reviewed, they are combined together to produce the final transcript. The final transcript is then proofread once again and the inconsistencies between the part files are corrected. The proofreading is done by a single person who is a employee of The quality goes up by another notch at this stage. Please read the proofreading process blog post to learn more.


QC & Delivery

The final transcript is quality checked and data-mined for terms and phrases to detect any out-of-context terms. The transcript is then converted to a MS Word file, Adobe PDF, Text, plain text file formats and delivered. Please read the quality check process blog post to learn more.