Simple and easy to use

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    Upload or import files
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    Choose Auto Transcribe
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    Edit online and correct

Fast and accurate



Accuracy for American speakers with clean audio, around 80% for others



Turn-around time for files shorter than 2 hours, around 1 hour for others

Unique Features


Commas, question marks, periods, hypens, quotes are included in the transcript

Integrated Editor

Self-correct the transcript quickly with our online browser-based Editor

2x Productivity

Saves around half your time and effort, transcribe files 2x faster than before

Manual transcription rates, per minute of audio

5 Days turn around
Best Value
36 Hours turn around
12 Hours turn around

Don't have time to self-correct? Get it corrected by our certifiied transcribers instead

Business Solutions

Custom Models

Build speech and language models from your own data. We provide end-to-end solutions, from labelling to deployment of models


Looking for custom speech recognition engine? We provide APIs and hosted versions, on-premise or cloud based solutions

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