Legal Transcription Services

Scribie's legal transcription services are unique and highly specialized. Several law firms, attorneys, public prosecutors, and other legal professionals prefer to work with Scribie for legal transcription.

Legal Transcriptions

Legal transcription services are often used by attorneys to create/produce transcripts of court proceedings. These transcripts can be extremely important in the outcome of a case. For example, creating a transcript from a tape-recorded deposition can help a plaintiff prove that the defendant made false statements during his testimony. In addition, creating a transcript from an audio recording of a trial can help the jury understand what was said in court. Once created, the transcript can also be used as evidence in court. Therefore, it is crucial that legal transcription services are accurate and compliant. If any errors are found in the transcripts, they can significantly undermine the case.

Quick response transcribing services are provided by Scribie to law firms and other law enforcement agencies. These services are available for transcription projects of any size. Scribie’s transcription service bridges the gap between a limited budget and boundless obligations by allowing you to respond to urgent concerns and also offering you a competitive advantage in terms of speed, accuracy, and affordability.

Scribie provides unique and highly specialized legal transcription services to transcribe court tapes consisting of court proceedings efficiently.

Scribie is the preferred legal transcription partner for several law firms, attorneys, public prosecutors, and other legal professionals.


Depositions Transcription Services

Those who must interact with a judicial system that places a high level of demand on its participants recognise the importance of having prompt access to reliable documents. Scribie’s legal transcribing crew will be quickly deployed at the push of a button, and they will prepare the transcript according to your specific specifications.


Billing that Works for Businesses

When it comes to billing and reporting, Scribie is aware of the difficulties you confront and is prepared to help. We provide two different billing methods in order to make things easier for your company. You have the option of using our convenient online payment system or setting up a recurring billing account. We are able to process payments using PayPal.


Professional-Grade Transcripts of Recorded Wiretaps

We collaborate with a broad variety of legal enforcement entities around the country. Our wiretap transcriptionists are able to provide word-by-word transcriptions in a timely manner that are accurate. You may also make a request for an update to time stamping when it is appropriate to do so in order to simplify references and fulfil criteria linked with evidence.

Scribie For Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription services that are accurate, secure, and compliant are available at Scribie, a top-rated legal transcription service provider. At Scribie, we work hard to deliver the highest-quality legal transcription services available. Our legal transcription experts have years of experience transcribing court proceedings in the United States. We make sure that every transcript we deliver is accurate and compliant with U.S. state and federal laws. Our clients can be assured that their transcripts will be perfect every time.

More accessible content

Legal transcriptions let you share and publish material rapidly. Also, transcripts are searchable. Transcripts let you discover important information quickly.These transcripts can be extremely important in the outcome of a case.

Save Money

Attorneys can save money by avoiding hiring additional staff who must be certified and trained in transcription.

Save Time

Transcription services can be used to save time for attorneys. They can also help eliminate errors that result from miscommunication or mishearing between parties during court proceedings.


Pay-as-you-go, per minute of audio

30 mins turn around
Around 80-95% accuracy
Requires self-corrections
24 Hours turn around
99% accuracy
Free re-reviews
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99.9% Accuracy is guaranteed by our 4-step process.

  • 1


    We split the files into small parts which are consequently typed by our certified transcribers.

  • 2


    A stringent review process where we check the parts, add speaker tracking and time codes.

  • 3


    We collate the parts and proofread the combined transcript to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • 4

    Quality Check

    We check the file and proofread it again until there is 99.9% accuracy.


Hassle free, no frills service

Why Scribie?

Hassle Free

Same-day turnaround

And easy-to-use video transcription service


99.9% accuracy

Paragraph breaks, punctuations etc


Highly Affordable

Pay-as-you-go, lowest rate for high quality files

"The transcripts are very accurate. I like the pricing options based on turnaround time and the ability to track progress prior to completion. They have always met their deadlines."
Charles Senteio

Charles Senteio

UMich School of Information