Transcription System: QC & Delivery

This is a series of posts on our human-powered audio transcription system. The following are links to the previous parts: OverviewWorkflowCertificationTranscription & Reviews, Proofreading.

Delivery is the final step of our workflow. Here we perform quality checks on the final transcript that was prepared in the previous step to determine if the transcript is deliverable. When we are satisfied with it we convert the file into MS Word, Adobe PDF, Text file using a template file. Then a notification is sent out to the customer that the transcripts are available for download.

We do two types of quality checks; random sampling and keyword analysis. The keyword analysis helps us spot the least relevant terms in the transcript. The audio around those terms are checked again to ensure that they’re correct. We have developed our own tools which help us do these checks quickly. Typically we don’t have to spend more than the duration of the audio file to complete these checks and deliver the file.

If the quality checks fail — which does happen once in a while — the transcript is proofread once more. We also do a root cause analysis after that to prevent these cases from happening again. That helps us improve our system. Mostly it happens because of poor audio, or difficult accent and/or diction of the speaker.

This post completes this series about our Transcription System. We hope we have given you valuable insight into how we work. We believe we have superior transcription process which performs better and is more scalable than other systems out there. But don’t take our word for it, try out our transcription service today and see for yourself.

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