Transcription System: Proofreading

This is a series of posts on our human-powered audio transcription system. The following are links to the previous parts: OverviewWorkflowCertification, Transcription & Reviews.

In our workflow, we first break the audio file into smaller parts and each part is then transcribed and reviewed by different people. Due to this methodology the transcript may contain inconsistencies. Proofreading is the step where these inconsistencies are corrected. Our proofreaders are the best of the best amongst our certified transcribers. We employ them as contractors and train them. The proofreader goes through all the parts of a file, does all the corrections necessary and prepares the final transcript for delivery.

We have specialist proofreaders for different accents and subject matter. Tough accents such as Indian, African, etc. and mixed accent files are handled by them. Subject matter experts take care of Medical, Legal, Academic and technology (eg, Web Development, Telecom etc.) files. Additionally our proofreaders are trained to research specific terms and acronyms. We also do additional proofreading if requested. Additional proofreading option can be specified while ordering and is recommended for difficult files.

Our delivery capacity is limited by number of hours we can proofread in a day. That is the reason behind our delivery limit of two hours per user per day. We stagger the deliveries over several days when more than two hours is ordered by one customer in a day. It is a safeguard to prevent us being overwhelmed by a single large order. However we do have the ability to ramp up very quickly and recruit new proofreaders whenever there is a need. We just have to be told about it in advance.

Proofreading is what sets us apart from other transcription services. It is designed to guarantee high transcript quality. If you are looking to get a highly accurate transcripts at a reasonable cost then our transcription service is the right choice for you.

The next part of the series is QC & Delivery.

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