How to Make Any Webinar Engaging (Updated 2017)

How to Make Any Webinar Engaging (Updated 2017)

If you have attended a lot of webinars in your life, you are probably already aware that most of them are snooze fests.

.. although there are a few webinar “experts” who manage to keep the entire episode engaging and worthwhile for the participants, they are far too few of them.

So in this post, our aim is to challenge the perception that you can not make all webinars interactive…

..and we are pretty confident that we can make a good case for it.

So here are a few ways that you can make your next webinar engaging and make your audiences keep coming back for more.

Are you ready?

If yes? read on…

1. Start with an actual story

We all like to hear about true events/case studies that have happened rather than discussing something purely from a theoretical standpoint.

Giving actual examples makes audiences believe in a rhetoric.

… and if people buy into the rhetoric guess what that makes your webinar? A success.

2. Offer perks for participation

Oprah Winfrey was a great interviewer, no doubt about it.

.. but if you had to name 3 memorable moments of the iconic show, we are sure you are going name one where there was some crazy giveaway.

You are not expected to give away a Chevrolet to your participants but a small perk for participation is something that can easily fit your budget and if you are able to tie it with your offering then you have gained some users/traction. how does a 10% discount or a small gift card sound?

3. Share the agenda at the beginning of the webinar

This might sound a bit counterproductive when it comes to invoking a sense of suspense among your participants.

… but when you tell your participants what to expect, research shows that they stick around for the part that they want.

How you are going to keep them around for the other parts of your webinar is a different cake to bake all together.

Also, it sets the expectation straight for the participants and you will be left with a very engaged and focused group.

.. and anyone with even the tiniest sense of good marketing will tell you that: Quality trumps quantity. Every single time.

4. Polling during the webinar

How else will you know the number of people sleeping during your webinar?

Just kidding. Polling not only helps you sense the sentiment among your audience but also gives you a sense of direction to drive your webinar towards.

…and as a bonus, it keeps participants alert and engaged.

5. Use amazing visuals

How would you like a very informative webinar delivered on nothing but a plain white screen.

.. now, imagine the same webinar with vivid pictures and minimal text (just for context).

Which one do you think would be more engaging?

No points for guessing here.

Bonus tip: Use images with people in them and if you are hosting the webinar after sunset, avoid the color blue in your presentation.

These were 5 quick fixes that you can use to make your webinar a lot more engaging.

Do you have any more tips on how to make your webinar engaging?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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