Term & Phrase Analysis

Term & Phrase Analysis

We recently updated the Terms and Phrase analysis tool in the Editor. In this post, we’ll illustrate how to use it to spot potential mistakes in the transcript.

The analysis is based on the fact that around 20% of the terms and phrases in any given transcript are new and the rest already appear in the other files. The probability of mistakes is higher in those new ones. This analysis identifies and highlights the new terms and phrases so that they can be checked. These highlights act as guides for the editing.

Click on the Analyze button in the Editor to start the analysis.



It takes around 2 to 5 minutes to complete. So you can continue editing while the analysis is done in the background.



When the analysis completes, some terms and phrases in the transcript will have a blue underline. These are the most uncommon one’s and should be cross-checked with the audio during editing.



We recommend that you check the complete paragraph which have the underlines, make corrections if any and whitelist the paragraph afterwards. We provide a shortcut for whitelisting; Alt+W is the default one. Whitelisting removes all the underlines for that paragraph, and for the rest of the file for those specific terms and phrases.

Terms can also be blacklisted. Blacklisting will ensure that it’s always underlined in your files. It is useful for highlighting common mistakes, soundalikes etc. which should always be checked.



Blacklisting will ask for confirmation. It cannot be un-done.



Finally, you can also analyze a particular term.



It returns the most frequent words which precede and follow a particular term . This tool can be used as a suggestion for alternatives.



This system is a self-learning systems. As we process more files and deliver, the system tunes itself and learns from it. Therefore it will get better with time.

So try it out today and let us know what you think. Your feedback and comments are most welcome.

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