Top 9 Business Transcription Use Cases (Benefits & Tips)

Top 9 Business Transcription Use Cases (Benefits & Tips)

As a business or enterprise, you produce a high volume of content from company communications and data.

This content can be in the form of video or audio which can be difficult to store, share, follow or translate. This is why you need a text copy.

For instance, if you’ve ever had to return or refund a defective item to a store, the first thing they’ll look for is a receipt. A receipt is a written acknowledgment of having received, or taken into one’s possession, a specified amount of money, goods, etc.

While transcripts aren’t necessarily receipts, enterprises need similarly important, complete and accurate written records. The text can be used as a reference, to share ideas, display corporate transparency, and even save you from legal action!

Business transcripts are full written records of discussion, transactions, and ideas.

They fill the gaps of information missed during a meeting, a conference or customer call, a presentation, or other important transactions. These are usually recorded and outsourced to reliable business transcription service providers.

Before I list use cases of enterprise transcripts in detail, let’s break down the definition of transcriptions to its core.

What are business transcription services?

Business transcriptions convert audio input file in formats such as WAV, MP3 or others to text output file in formats such as PDF, Txt, Doc., and others.

Transcription services can include closed captioning, multiple speaker tracking, and verbatim transcription capturing every syllable.

Why Outsource Transcription Services?

Earlier, I mentioned that transcriptions are usually outsourced. Here’s why.

Considering the high volume of enterprise communications, you’ll want to outsource business transcription to cut down costs. This is for…

  • Accuracy
  • Lower cost
  • Availability
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster turnaround
  • Focusing on more important tasks

Outsourcing also lets you take advantage of a specialist firm’s availability. Transcription service providers typically have the resources across all different time zones. This helps increase your productivity, even as you and your fellow employees get off from work.

Being that they’re skilled specialists, your transcripts are being taken care of by a provider with years of experience in producing high-quality transcripts., for example, has a unique meritocratic Four-Step Transcription Process. Your transcript goes through four layers of quality assurance for accuracy and precision, each time through a more skilled QA specialist.

This process ensures a secure upload and privacy, with no single person viewing the entire contents of your recording.

You’ll also want a transcription service provider with team billing and coordination features. Scribie’s Account Credits let you add funds to your account and share them with your team members. Grant access to your team members, share payment methods, files, and more.

Accuracy is a cornerstone of enterprise transcripts…

There are certain industries that need accurate transcription for critical transcripts.

As an enterprise, accuracy is one of the essential defining features you’ll want to look for in a transcription service provider. Business process outsourcing companies (BPOs), for example, need to record customer calls by the letter.

Building your own internal capabilities, whether you’re pondering doing some transcriptions yourself or assigning a team, will result in a slow turnaround, higher cost, and distract from other essential tasks.

Enterprise Transcription Use Cases

Now that we’ve talked a little about the importance of transcription and why outsourcing is a good option…

Here are a few popular use cases for transcription in businesses:


The minutes of a regular or annual general meeting can leave out important data and be misinterpreted. Full-text transcripts of meetings ensure that the entire context of what was discussed is available.

Focus Group Discussions

Record audio or video interviews and discussions with your focus group and use the text copy later to add video captions or for reference.


Whether you’re producing a promotional video out of interviews or sharing conversations with internal stakeholders, you can add a text copy to your database or use it as a guide.

Stakeholder communications

Share important data with stakeholders through reports based on your text copy of a recording.

Customer Service Calls

Call centers and BPOs, for example, need to keep a high volume of records for their daily customer service calls.

Internal Videos

Transcripts help produce internal video content for human resources or corporate communications through post-production transcripts and subtitles.

External Communications

As transcripts serve as a reference, your text copy can be used as a basis to produce public-facing materials. Excerpts can be added to emails, invoices, and other documentation requirements.


Transcripts help increase search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and can be used for repurposing into more marketing material, while subtitles improve video watch time and boost your Youtube view count.

Over to You

There are numerous reasons why businesses needs a transcript or text copy of a transaction or discussion.

Transcripts are like the building blocks of a company’s communications and data. It’s the first step in organizing and filtering your raw information into useful applications. It can contain information to be distributed throughout your entire organization and to the public.

Whether you regularly transcribe phone calls or need transcripts in high volume, Scribie’s business transcription service is the most complete, precise, and dedicated customer service designed for corporate clients.

With a rigorous four-step QA process to ensure 99% accuracy, secure uploads, and privacy, Scribie has an enterprise plan and backend API option to provide you with enterprise-grade software at your fingertips.

Upload a file for transcription now! Any questions about Scribie’s business transcription services? Contact Us, or send them directly to

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