Case Study: Exemplary Legal Transcription Experience

Case Study: Exemplary Legal Transcription Experience

Transcription can significantly benefit any industry or business. With an accurate and reliable transcript, it can be your leading edge over others.

For businesses, your monthly reports and meetings rely heavily on accurate numbers and figures, among other important purposes.

Legal transcription is highly valuable as a case’s fate is supported by the availability of accurate data.

Each transcript serves its purpose and finding a reliable transcription service to meet these needs may pose a challenge as it can be hit or miss.

With several transcription services available in the market, check out how Scribie has continued to provide commendable service to one of our valued customers, Don Miller (J.D.; M.D.), who shared with us:

I seldom write reviews, but the responses and work product I have received from Scribie ( have been so very impressive, I’m compelled to comment. As a retired paralegal with a law degree, over the years I’ve often sought and enlisted transcribing and transcription services for legal and several other purposes. Naturally, as technology has advanced, more choices and services have become available.

The Scribie Experience

Don is a retired paralegal with a law degree. Using transcription services for legal and other purposes is not new to him and his associates.

Legal transcription services can make the job easier for lawyers, law enforcers, and other professionals.

Instead of repeatedly listening to audio recordings, you can let a professional transcription service do this for you.

This enables you and your in-house team to focus on more productive tasks without having to worry about the backlog of recordings to transcribe.

While there are other transcription services available and tested previously by Don, Scribie stood out for three main reasons:


It is in this area, and for this reason, in addition to its speed, efficiency, and friendly cooperation, where I’ve found Scribie so superior to other transcription services I’ve used in the past.

In Don’s line of work, it is expected that audio recordings will consist of multiple speakers with different accents, a noisy background, and a different audio volume. These factors alone make transcription tougher than it already is.

On top of that, if the transcriber is not familiar with legal jargon, this can pose an additional challenge in providing an accurate transcription.

Accurate transcripts can help make or break a case as this serves as a material that the court and tribunals can review. Legal transcripts cannot afford errors as they may impact critical decisions.

With Scribie’s four-step process, all transcripts are carefully proofread and reviewed by professional transcribers before it is handed over to the clients. This meticulous process makes us stand out among the rest.

On top of this, if you’re not satisfied with the output and the transcript is not 99% accurate, you will get free credits that you can use for your future order.

Reliably Fast

They’ve given me a choice of almost any conceivable format, they’ve provided the transcripts I need very quickly, without the need for the usual “rush” charges.

In any industry, delivering the transcripts at the quickest timeframe is essential.

As a legal practitioner, you’d be more inclined to exercise your expertise on your field rather than transcribing files.

Law firms are already busy enough from court hearings, investigations, and other legal paper works won’t wait for you to be available with the transcripts.

Other transcription services may offer extra charges, but with Scribie, you can expect your order within 12-36 hours, and short files are often delivered within the hour.

Knowing that you will get your order on time, takes the load off your shoulders so you can focus on other productive tasks at hand.

Holistic Great Customer Service

Their responses have been immediate, and Scribie has turned out to be by far the most user-friendly, competent, and accurate transcription service I have ever used.

Like any product and service, one of the things that make customers keep coming back is to know that a reliable support team will be ready to assist them every step of the way.

We understand that customers will need some to address questions and custom specifications like requesting a specific format.

We know how it feels like to receive canned responses or worst, being ignored.

Here at Scribie, every customer’s experience is important to us. We make sure to be one step ahead in providing support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over to You

Every file, no matter the audio length deserves an accurate transcript to serve its purpose.

When finding a suitable transcription service for you, consider accuracy, turnaround time, and support.

If you would like to prioritize accuracy over anything else, consider manual transcription to ensure you get 99% accurate transcripts.

Otherwise, if you prefer speed and cost without expecting a nearly perfect transcript, you may opt for automated transcripts.

Here at Scribie, not only will you be getting a transcription service, but a partner that will be with you every step of the way.

Try Scribie’s manual transcription service and get accurate transcripts fast! Upload your files today.

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