New features launched! Search and archive your transcribed files

New features launched! Search and archive your transcribed files

Our customers wanted it. We heard them and we have implemented it and we know they will love it. In our strive to make the online transcription experience better for our customers at Scribie, we have introduced a couple of new features.


  • Search Files –  Now users can search through the long list of files using this feature and locate the one file they are looking for among the hundreds of files that they have on our site.
  • Archive Files – We also introduced a file archive feature so that users can archive the transcribed files that they are done working with, and focus only on the files they are currently working on. This will help in keeping their workspace clean.


What our customers say about these features ?
“Your system saves us time and money and we would be lost without you. Love the changes and more than happy to help with anything you need” – Keith


“Saves time, thanks for the feature” – Stan


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