Podcast Transcription

The podcast industry has been highly dynamic and is innovating and growing rapidly so far. The pace of this will just increase in the coming years.

Podcasts are a great way to teach new things and keep listeners updated. 

Do you know the fastest and largest growing age group of podcast listeners in the US are between 12-34 years.


[Source: Statista]

Comedy, education and news are the most popular podcasting genre 

[Source: https://podcasthosting.org/podcast-statistics/]

While you have been innovating with content creation and delivery, you can go one step further with helping your listeners with high quality transcriptions of your audio content. 

Transcribing podcasts is a way to keep track of your words and highlight key points for further study. And since podcasts are episodic, creating a transcript for each episode is easy.

Reason for transcribing a podcast

The reason for transcribing a podcast is that listeners can benefit from the dialogue and learn from the hosts. The transcription process preserves all critical information, including the podcast’s tone, which can be helpful for those who want to find similar podcasts to listen to or for educators who wish to include the content on their course syllabi. 

Additionally, viewers can quickly and easily read past episodes’ transcripts to understand better what was discussed. With podcasts used as a medium for education and learning, this becomes a reference material for your listeners to re-visit the content when required.

How to Transcribe Your Podcast

If you’re planning on transcribing your podcast episodes for future reference, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Make sure to accurately capture the audio track of your episodes using a quality recording device.
  2. Use a transcription service like Scribie, which can capably handle accurate transcriptions of text.
  3. Include relevant metadata when uploading your transcripts to your website so that search engines can easily find and index them.

Quick fact: Do you know 40% of podcast discovery happens through directory listing, which means search engines have not been effective in reaching a newer audience. 

[Source: https://www.thepodcasthost.com/promotion/podcast-discoverability/] 

Transcribing your podcast content improves your podcast SEO invariably contributing towards your new audience discovery through search engine marketing.

Improving podcast transcriptions with a dedicated transcription service

Scribie transcriptions of your podcast audios goes through the following process::


  1. Certified transcribers type out the podcast
  2. The transcripts are then reviewed
  3. Those transcripts are then checked for accuracy and consistency by dedicated proofreaders.
  4. The transcription goes between quality control and proofreading until the document reaches a 99.9% accuracy rating

Share your voice with a wider audience

Podcasting is a way to share your voice with the world. A transcription is a valuable tool if you want to ensure that your listeners can understand what you are saying.

Transcribing a podcast can make it accessible to a wider audience and can be great for educational content. In some cases, people who cannot listen to audio podcasts may be able to read the transcriptions instead. This makes the information more accessible and easier for others to learn from the content. 

Additionally, transcription services can be used by people with disabilities. This allows them to access the information they may not otherwise be able to access.If you are someone who produces podcasts, make sure that your content is accurately transcribed. Listeners can benefit from having access to the full transcript of your episode, no matter where they are in the world. By using an accurate transcription service, you can ensure that your listeners get all the words from your show.

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