Price Cut

We are pleased to announce an across-the-board 20% drop in our pricing effective today. Our new transcription rates are as follows:

Scribie New Transcription Rates
Old New Savings
Budget $0.75/min $0.60/min 20%
Regular $1.50/min $1.20/min 20%
Express $3.00/min $2.40/min 20%

We started with the mission to build the best place for transcription; both for transcribers and customers. We have been relentlessly pursuing our goal and recently have built technology that helps reduce the time and effort of transcribers, without compromising accuracy in any way. We are happy to pass on the savings to our customers.

We have always stood for accuracy and our goal has been to provide the highest quality transcript, at the lowest possible cost. However, we still want to compensate our transcribers fairly. The only way to solve this problem was with technology. Our tech has now been rolled out in production and we are happy to reach this milestone. This is the real test of whether our tech is good enough or not!

We will be talking more about our tech here in the coming days. So check back here if you’re interested in the details. In the meantime, upload your files online and order transcripts online to enjoy the benefits tech can offer with our reduced pricing.


No Room for Errors

No room for errors

If you have used Scribie’s service before, you probably know about our high standards in terms of the quality and the accuracy of the transcripts.

So a very important question that comes to mind is, how is Scribie able to churn out 99.9% accurate transcripts all the time, while some industry players are afraid of even claiming that benchmark? Continue reading “No Room for Errors”

Simple Ways to Promote Your Podcast

Simple Ways to Promote Your Podcast

Do you have a podcast that you are putting a lot of effort into, but are not seeing any returns?

Do you think lack of traffic to your podcast is not motivating you to put the effort into producing useful content?

If your answer is yes to both those questions then you might want to know that you are not alone.

There are a lot of podcasters and other content creators who have been in the same situation that you are in right now but have managed to come out of that phase.

And in this post, we will look at the 5 factors that are common among a lot of these successful content creators. Continue reading “Simple Ways to Promote Your Podcast”

Are Automated Transcribing Softwares Good Enough? Not for New York Times

If you are ChristineMcM, a New York Times commentator you probably know a too much about how automatic transcribing software can mess things up for you.

As reported by The Daily Dot, she had something to say about a recent Trump article but had to take a phone call in the middle of her comment. Her automatic transcription software heard and posted the whole conversation.

Yes, you read that right.

This is what it ended up posting.

This might be funny, but this shows the state that we are currently in with respect to automated transcribing.

Transcribing still continues to be mostly done by humans to avoid such gaffes.

Although she later clarified the mistake, it left those close to her and her followers in a state of a fix. Some even suspected that she might be having a neurological episode.

Here is her clarification:

Having understood these problems, Scribie is not looking to go the same route.

Instead, we use technology and AI to help humans transcribe faster and better.

The industry is far away from completely eliminating the human factor in the transcribing chain (unless you can afford such a gaffe).

For the time being the best way to get your file transcribed is a human with cutting-edge technology that enables efficiency and high accuracy.



Why We Spend Less Money on Marketing

Why We Spend Less Money on Marketing

It is common knowledge that it is far more effective to retain and keep your existing customers happy than trying aggressively acquire new customers through inorganic/paid channels.

That is why Scribie’s approach to customer relationship management and acquisition strategies are far different from our industry peers.

Our budget for acquiring new customers is at the very least 8-10 times smaller than our peers. Continue reading “Why We Spend Less Money on Marketing”

How to Make Your Podcast Cover Art Standout

How to Make Your Podcast Cover Standout

Moment of truth: People do judge a book by its cover.
And the same goes with a podcast and its cover art too.

In this blog post which follows a series of other podcast related posts, we are going to share a few quick actionable tips that you can implement to your podcast cover art that will not only make your channel more aesthetic but also get better clickthrough. Continue reading “How to Make Your Podcast Cover Art Standout”

[Guest Post] How to offer more value to your podcast audience by using infographics and blog images

How to offer more value to your podcast audience by using infographics and blog images by only investing 5 minutes

The best way to create a strong connection with your audience that will generate action is to go above and beyond. If you want more sales, shares in social media and a bigger audience, you need to offer more value.

Offering more value is about empathy, understanding your audience and actually caring. Transcriptions help with SEO and are also helpful to your audience. 

If you don’t use scribie already then start today. You will save time and money and your audience will thank you for it.

You shouldn’t stop with transcriptions, they’re just part of offering more value.

You offer written and audio content. Your podcast transcriptions and your podcast. But to offer even more value to your audience, you should also consider visual content. Continue reading “[Guest Post] How to offer more value to your podcast audience by using infographics and blog images”

How to Make Any Webinar Engaging (Updated 2017)

Make any webinar engaging

If you have attended a lot of webinars in your life, you are probably already aware that most of them are snooze fests.

.. although there are a few webinar “experts” who manage to keep the entire episode engaging and worthwhile for the participants, they are far too few of them.

So in this post, our aim is to challenge the perception that you can not make all webinars interactive…

..and we are pretty confident that we can make a good case for it. Continue reading “How to Make Any Webinar Engaging (Updated 2017)”