CallGraph Browser Failure

If CallGraph Browser fails to start or if you get an error message similar to the following

Error: Platform 5.0 is not compatible with minversion> =1.8 maxversion<= 2.0

Then please download and install the following setup to fix it.

After the install finishes, please restart CallGraph. To restart CallGraph, please right click on the CallGraph System Tray icon and choose Exit from the popup menu.

Please note that CallGraph will still work fine without the CallGraph Browser. Skype calls will still be recorded and saved in your PC’s My Documents\My Call Graphs folder (or wherever you have set it to). The CallGraph Browser is User Interface which allows you to manage your recorded calls. It is a Mozilla XULRunner application and depends on the XUL runtime. If you update Firefox or uninstall it CallGraph Browser might stop working.


Please check the following link if your calls aren’t being recorded correctly.

Skype Desktop API Disabled?

Browser Based UI vs Minimal UI

Call Graph supports two User Interface’s, an browser based UI and a minimal UI. The browser based UI launches the default browser and displays all the data there using scripts pulled from our website. The mimal UI consits only of a windows dialog for configuration and a toolbar. A detailed feature by feature comparison follows.

Feature Browser Based UI Minimal UI
Recording history Yes Yes
Metadata Yes No
Playback Inbuilt Flash based player System default player
Renaming of Files Yes Yes
Editing of Tags Yes No
Search/Sort/Filter Yes No
Web service Integration Yes No

The interface can be switched anytime from the Advanced configuration tab.