CallGraph Browser Failure

CallGraph Browser Failure

If CallGraph Browser fails to start or if you get an error message similar to the following

Error: Platform 5.0 is not compatible with minversion> =1.8 maxversion<= 2.0

Then please download and install the following setup to fix it.

After the install finishes, please restart CallGraph. To restart CallGraph, please right click on the CallGraph System Tray icon and choose Exit from the popup menu.

Please note that CallGraph will still work fine without the CallGraph Browser. Skype calls will still be recorded and saved in your PC’s My Documents\My Call Graphs folder (or wherever you have set it to). The CallGraph Browser is User Interface which allows you to manage your recorded calls. It is a Mozilla XULRunner application and depends on the XUL runtime. If you update Firefox or uninstall it CallGraph Browser might stop working.


Please check the following link if your calls aren’t being recorded correctly.

Skype Desktop API Disabled?

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  1. The same setup will work for Firefox 8.0 as well. Please make sure you restart CallGraph after the install as mentioned.

  2. Using firefox 10.2. can’t get CallGraph browser to work. Also, when I replay the recorded calls I can barely hear the other party on the call. My voice is loud and clear. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the free software!

  3. Will CallGraph work with google call. I’ve tried and all I get is my side of the call. It’s missing the other. Works great with Skype. Any options in FireFox or Google that need to be made so that Call Graph would get both sides of the transaction?

  4. Rajiv, I use Google Chrome, and having the same problem. Do I need to just use Firefox?

  5. I receive an error when I want to pop up the browser. it says:

    Error: Platform version ‘12.0’ is not compatible with

    minVerson >=1.8

    maxVerson <=2.0*

    I've downloaded the "fix" thingy above, but it didn't change anything.

  6. Disregard the previous question above. I restarted Call Graph and now the Browser’s up

  7. I’m having the same problem as KaiHimotama but it won’t go away after I restart Call Graph. What should I do?

  8. The fixed worked fine. However, after it has been installed, the recording function no longer works! How to fix that?

  9. Can only record myself not the other person and tried making sure all Skype configurations are working and set properly but still Call Graph isn’t recording the other person

  10. I’m getting this message: error: recording could not be started. please restart call graph and try again. Any solutions?

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