Client Version

Version is out. Here’s a list of changes that went in.

We added support for Unicode in this release. So you can use any characters in your call record names, tags etc. It should also not complain if index.xml files have Umlaut, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese etc. characters in them. This was a much requested feature from our users.

A recommended transcription settings button in the configuration dialog, recordings page. This sets the parameters which we recommend if you want to get your call record transcribed by us. Thanks to Tim for suggesting this feature.

During the association process, if we detect that your firewall is preventing us from accessing the website, we show a warning now. This was preventing some of our users from completing the association process. Similarly for the ‘Check for updates’ operation.

Earlier if Call Graph was running and you tried to start it again from the start menu then we used to show a message saying ‘Another instance is running, aborting’. That has been removed now. It now brings up the toolbar of the already running process.

The toolbar was enhanced and now it has a more descriptive status bar and a button for the configuration dialog. The status bar has links to be blog for common problems that are encountered and tips on how to resolve them.

There was a bug in the ‘Run at startup’ option which prevented Call Graph from being started during computer boot up. That has been fixed now. Thanks to Mathew for pointing it out.

It also contains numerous other bug fixes.

What’s Next:

Faster startup, better history UI, tighter integration with the web service etc. Stay tuned.

As usual, feedback is welcome. Send us a mail or leave a comment if you want.

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