Call Graph version

Call Graph version is out. We have built upon our previous update and made more modifications to the recording and encoding algorithm. Several new features have been added as well as couple of bug fixes. Here’s a list of all the changes.

Echo Cancellation:

The echo cancellation module has been completely revamped in this release. We are now using the DirectSound built in API’s for it. It should perform much better now and should cancel out most of the echo while using inbuilt mic and speakers.


We had received several reports on delays while using Call Graph. This update fixes the delay issue. Thanks to John and Mike for helping us out with it.

Voice Recorder:

Call Graph can be now used as a standalone voice recorder. The recording starts as soon as the start recording command is issued from the UI and if a Skype call happens in between, and if auto recording is turned on, it records the Skype call as well. So now the recording can be started before making the Skype call too.

Recording In Between:

Now you can launch Call Graph in between a call and start recording it. Useful if you’ve forgotten to start Call Graph before the call had started. Thanks to David for suggesting this feature.

Browser Based UI Changes:

The layout has been changed to 2 column. A new interactive demo page also has been introduced which walks you through a Skype Test Call recording session. From this version you can also bookmark the recordings/configuration pages.

Minimal UI:

We have re-introduced the Dialog based interface we had earlier and have added a configuration item to control it. Its available from the Advanced tab. If you wish you can completely turn off the browser based UI and use only the dialog based interface. Do note that some advanced functionalities will be available only from the browser based UI.


The ‘History’ menu item has been renamed to ‘Recordings’. The installer and uninstaller has been cleaned up; now you can uninstall directly from Add/Remove programs. A nasty crash which used to happen sometimes during the end of the recording has also been fixed.

What’s Next:

Integration with our web service, rules for recordings, option to use Wave I/O instead of Direct Sound etc.

Please do keep your sending in your feedback and suggestions. Wishing you a very happy festive season (if you are in India) and Halloween (if you are not!).

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