Skype Authorization HowTo

Skype Authorization HowTo

Call Graph needs to connect to the Skype API so as the get the voice data. Skype should automatically ask you now to authorize Call Graph and once you’ve permitted it, you are all set. But sometimes that never happens. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to authorize CG to connect to Skype.

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Step 1: Go to Skype – > Tools -> Options

Step 2: Click on ‘Advanced’ tab on the left navigation bar. Click on that ‘Manage other programs access to Skype’ link at the bottom of this window.

Step 3: Highlight CallGraph.exe and click on the ‘Change’ button. If CallGraph is not listed there, then try restarting both CallGraph and Skype.

Step 4: Select ‘Allow this program to use Skype’ and click on the OK button.

Step 5: Wait till CallGraph system tray icon shows a green tick mark and the toolbar has the message ‘Ready to record’ at the bottom.

If you get a message from Skype “Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart application.” then please try restarting both Skype and CallGraph. To restart CallGraph, right click on the CallGraph system tray icon and choose exit from the popup menu. More troubleshooting tips are here.

If you do not get any message from Skype then try making a call to Skype Test Call Service (echo123).

If you have authorized CallGraph and still can hear only one side of the conversation in the recorded file, then it might be a problem with your stereo file playback settings. Please try recording in the mono mode. The setting is in configuration -> recording tab.

Leave a comment or get in touch with us if you need any help.

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  1. I just installed Beta and I can’t wait to try it out, I have a question What Limitations are there in the free download?

  2. i have writen before…
    but here is an idea..
    sometimes i forget to have callgraph running so it will ask to record with a call is comes up..
    or i want to record just a part of the call after it is started..

    i cant get it to record on demand.. it says that it cant find a call or there is no call in progress
    but i am on a call and it wont recognize it

    i would suggest if this is a easy fix that u consider adding it
    386 788 6948
    daustin100 skype

  3. Still does not work. I have downloaded at least a dozen versions of this product And only once has it recorded automatically . This was nice! Sometimes, the program would record manually . Now, It will not even record manually ! This is extremely disheartening .

  4. What if the CallGraph icon does not appear in the ‘‘Manage other programs access to Skype’ window? I cannot see it there though I have CallGraph running already.

  5. Oh yes. I just restarted my PC before checking my inbox. I didn’t expect it’d be too fast. Thanks btw. CallGraph is great, only that there appeared to be a scratchy noise at the beginning of the recorded conversation.

  6. can you pls. run the interactive demo and send me the recorded file and the log file. for the log file, click on the open log file link in the config screen. pls. mail it to me at rajiv at callgraph dot in.

  7. Ah, I actually played the file in Winamp and the saw that the recorded conversation was ok. I think there’s just a problem with the playback process of CallGraph but it’s not a big deal. Thanks!

  8. Can I record my conversations via Yahoo messenger ? I think it should be kind of the same flow as the Skype. Although Skype has an open API and you probably connect to Skype via it, i’m thinking isn’t it just recording 2 parts (in and out)? Should be kind of 2 trecks with one recording in and the other out lines and then merging it into a single MP3. Isn’t it ?

  9. Call Graph supports only Skype right now. In the stereo mode the recording is done in dual track. In the mono mode its mixed into a single track.

  10. At first it worked. Then I had to reload it because I had to do a restore. Now what it does is, when it’s on, it cuts out the SKYPE conversation. ANy reason for that, even though it’s set up properly

  11. All download fine, but it only records my voice how do i make it record both ends of the conversations?

  12. I just tried it. Installation went smoothly. Realtech audio. My voice sounds great, but the incoming voice sounds aweful in the recording. It sounds fine during the call on my headset, but absolutely aweful when playing back the resulting recording.

  13. I had a problem with the voice from the receiver at the time I record the call.It records my voice but not he other

  14. As others have said, it records my voice fine, but not the person I’m talking to. I can hear them through the headset, but not on the recording.

    It is recording something; if I look at the file in Audacity there are spikes and movements in the sound graph when the incoming sounds were heard, but none of them are audible to me in playback, whether with Call Graph, Audacity, or WMP.

  15. Hallo,
    I had a problem.I opened the browser and the link who writes “Starting call graph browser”before the call graph browser opens,I can t closed the window.Nw I had 7 windows who writes the same.I can t closed them.Even when I clicked at “X” or skip.
    Thank you

  16. I have authorized call graph, both by skype prompt and manually, and it is still only recording my side of the conversations. I am on vista hm prem and using lifechat headset. Thanks for help.

  17. When I start up Call Graph and get it set up it says, “Another Application (Callgraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype,but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart the application” So I restarted call graph and nothing changed….

  18. Interactive test OK but when calling to mobile phones and trying to record I m hearing only my own voice from the recording? Downloaded latest version etc. so frustrating seems others experience this too

  19. Hi,
    I installed callgraph and followed ur instructions. My skype allowes the acces. I had some good recordings but then got a warning and from now on the status was “waiting for skype connection…”
    this is funny because in skype its still allowed. pls help!

  20. well i did. 1000 times. well i tried another tool as well with the same result. so it has nothing to do with ur prog i think.

  21. I downloaded call graph, and I changed the settings in skype. However, still it can not connect to skype, skype is saying that it can not respond. I already restarted all programs and my computer. What can I do more? I have AVG virus scanner, can that be a problem? Please let me know if there is any solution.


  22. “Another Application (Callgraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype,but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart the application”

    I have followed the steps above and restarted both Skype and Callgraph, still same.

  23. from the above post, I’ve check for skype update it says you already have the latest version of skype installed. note: I’ve used callgraph in windows xp no problem. This problem only occurs on my new windows 7 laptop.

  24. 1) Try restarting Skype and starting CallGraph after a minute or so. Give it some time.
    2) Try making a call on Skype.

    It should go through after some time.

  25. OK I know why! It’s my fault.
    In Windows7 callgraph doesn’t automatically shows in taskbar notification area, so when I click ‘x’ to close callgraph, it only closes the callgraph window. Only when I customized my taskbar to show callgraph then I realized that callgraph’s still running. Choosing ‘Exit’ from taskbar will then properly close callgraph and solve the problem above. Thanks!

  26. Señores . Por favor alguien me puede decir claramente como funciona CallGraph , así mismo ¿es peligrosa esta aplicación en cuanto al tema de seguridad?

  27. If CallGraph’s not connected to Skype then follow the steps in the post to authorize it. If its connected, then try recording in mono. The setting is in configuration -> recording tab.

  28. I’ve been trying for weeks now to set up Callgraph with Skype, but I constantly get messages telling me to restart the application. I have tried restarting both Skype and Callgraph in different orders, always to no avail! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Callgraph several times again with no joy. I have allowed access to Skype through the Advanced Options under the Manage API Access control – again with no joy 🙁

    I am using Skype version and Callgraph version beta on a Dell laptop with Windows 7 64bit OS.

    Can you please advise where I am going wrong?

  29. Try starting CallGraph after 10 minutes you start Skype. That will give Skype some time to settle down and maybe after that it can respond to CallGraph.

  30. Hi,

    This solution has not worked. Skype has been running for approx 30 minutes so far…

    Any further advice?

  31. Call graph was already showing as an exception. I have disabled the Firewall, but still no joy.

    Are you positive that this works on a 64bit OS? I have had probs with a few other programmes that weren’t 64bit compatible?


  32. If it helps at all, the Call graph has a small blue and yellow shield showing in the bottom right hand corner

  33. hey there.. I have a problem with connecting the call graph to my skype (version I was wondering if you can help me with it.. thanks..

  34. Hi,
    I have Skype running on Windows 7. I can get Skype to connect to CallGraph and it says that it is ready to record. However, when I do a Skype test call, there would be a recording made but there is no sound, at least not using Windows Media Player or VLC. The size of the recording also changes depending on the length of the call so something is happening. I wonder if my firewall, Online Armor, or my antivirus, Avast, is affecting this somehow?

  35. Why can’t Iopen the Call graph browser? My recording is unusually low volume

  36. Sometimes my call graph software will stop working and say “waiting for connection” even after I have authorised it. Why does this happen? I keep restarting skype and call graph but it only works sometimes. I even try recording in “mono” but still it doesn’t work all the time, it just says I can’t record because it’s not connected to skype. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  37. It takes a few seconds for the Skype connection to be established when CallGraph starts. Once the connection is established there will be a message saying ‘Ready to record…’ on the CallGraph toolbar. If you try to start recording before that then it will give an error saying Skype is not connected.

  38. A colleague recommended Call Graph to me and so I just installed the software and permissioned Skyoe access but I receive an error when starting the Call Graph Browser:
    Error: Platform version 11.0 is not compatible with
    minVersion >= .18
    maxVersion <= 2.0*

    I am using a Windows 7 64bit PC and Skype version

    All advice welcomed. Many thanks, Simon

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