Skype Unable to Respond

If you get the message “Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond” from Skype, here are few things you can do to resolve this issue.

  1. Make a call to Skype Test Call Service (echo123) or any other contact. This will force Skype to check it’s database of whitelist’ed plugins and respond to CallGraph thereafter.
  2. Restart both Skype and CallGraph several times. To exit CallGraph, click on the CallGraph system tray icon and choose exit from the popup menu. Same for Skype.
  3. Try starting CallGraph after 15-20 minutes of starting Skype. This will allow Skype to settle down a bit and have more time to respond to CallGraph.
  4. Ensure that both Skype and CallGraph are running as non-admin. Both Skype and CallGraph do not require admin permissions to run.
  5. Check if your Antivirus or Firewall is blocking the communication between Skype and CallGraph. Try adding exceptions for both Skype and CallGraph.
  6. Try re-installing both Skype and CallGraph.
  7. Try restarting your PC.

For 64 bit machines, please try the following

  1. Uninstall CallGraph completely.
  2. Download and install the vcredist_x64.exe from the Microsoft website.
  3. Install CallGraph again.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to authorize CallGraph to connect to Skype.

From our testing what we have found is Skype is usually able to respond back after a few tries. So restarting CallGraph a few times works. If nothing works then enable logging in CallGraph (configuration -> general tab), restart CallGraph, start recording and stop it after 5 seconds and send the log file to


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