Associating Client with your Account

Associating Client with your Account

We also provide online storage, sharing, transcription and collaboration services along with the free Skype call recording client. To use these services, the Call Graph client has to be linked to an account on Call Graph. Once the association is done the files can be uploaded. The automatic upload option causes file upload start immediately after the recording finishes (it is paused if another Skype call is detected to prevent any degradation of call quality). The ‘Associated Clients’ page lists all the associated clients from where they can be managed.

More than one client can also be linked to an account on Call Graph. This option is especially useful for teams. All the files can be automatically uploaded to the centralized online account from where it can be monitored. Moreover a separate association password can be specified, different from the account password. The association password restricts access only to associating a client and uploading files from it. The account password can be used to access the files and manage them. So association password can be circulated within the group safely.

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