Client Update

Our weekly update of the Call Graph Skype call recording plugin is out. The version number is You can get the update by right clicking on the Call Graph and choosing ‘Check for updates’ from the popup menu. Here are all the changes which went into this release.

The index file location was moved from the recording directory to the Application Data directory. This change completes the bug fix which was started in the last release. Now the fatal error dude to index file load failure should not happen. If suppose the recording directory is not available when recording is being started (eg. the case when its on a network share) then a recording start failed notification will be shown. One of our users was facing this particular issue and altered us on it. Thanks for doing so.

We added two additional configurations in this release as well, both in the ‘Advanced’ panel of the Configuration dialog.  The first one is for discarding call records which are less than a certain length. Several of our users had asked for this option. The default value is 5 seconds. So all records below 5 seconds will be now discarded and you’ll get a notification saying that the recording was canceled. It can be increased upto 5 minutes (300 seconds).

The second option was for setting the encoding buffer size. The encoding buffer is a temporary store for the voice data before it gets encoded as mp3 or wav. The rate at which this buffer is consumed depends upon several factors: the amount of ram available, the CPU speed, the sample rate of your recording etc. So the hardcoded value of 10 MB sometimes used to be too short in some cases. Which used to manifest itself as breaks in the recorded file. If your records have breaks in them then please increase this value to something like twice or thrice the default value of 10 MB.

Looking forward to your feedback and thanks again for using Call Graph.

Update: We made a stupid typo in this release: ‘Encoing’ instead of ‘Encoding’. Thanks to David for pointing it out. We’ve fixed it in version

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