Call Graph v1.1.0.2

The bi weekly update of Call Graph client is out. The recording module has been revamped, sharing, transcribing is inbuilt to the UI, uploading limits are gone and several bug fixes. Here’s a detailed description of the changes.


Several changes were made to the core recording and encoding module. There will be marked improvement in the quality of the recordings with this version. The encoding is faster, finishes as soon as the call ends. The delay/out of sync issues with SkyepIn and SkypeOut should also be gone. The Echo Cancellation has been improved too. All this as a result of moving from Wave I/O to DirectSound!


The process of uploading the call records to your account in at Call Graph has been changed. Now you do not need to approve the machine after adding it. That step is gone. Also you can upload records of any size now: the 100 MB limit is also gone.

Record Listing:

You can specify the number of records to be show now, either 10 (default), 50 or 100. This option is available on the header, just above the record listing. The Select All/None options have been moved above the checkboxes to the left. The Expand All/None is to the right now.


Sharing has been built into the client UI now. With this option, you can send the record to an email address directly. The record will be uploaded to our web service and a mail will be sent to your contact with details on how to access it. You will need to be registered with our web service for this.


The transcribe link submits the record for screening. Once the screeing process is done, you can order transcripts of it from your account on Call Graph. Registration with our web serivce is require for this too.

Local Folder:

A new button has been introduced in the sidebar which opens the local folder where the call records are stored. You can directly access your files from there.

Whats Next:

More accurate echo cancellation, ability to record notes, more configuration options. Stay tuned.

Apart for the above, there are several bug fixes in this release as well. Please update now.

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