Call Graph Version

Major Changes in this version

Toolbar/Menu Rearrangement: The Call Graph Browser item has been added to both the toolbar and the menu. A new ‘Recordings Folder’ item also has been added which opens the current configured recordings folder in Windows Explorer. Configuration now opens up the configuration dialog instead of launching the browser.

Open Containing Folder: The actions dropdown ‘Open Folder’ menu item now opens the folder which contains the recorded file and highlights it.

Browser Launch Progress Bar: A progress bar now comes up whenever Call Graph Browser is being launched. The browser also now remembers the last size and position at the last close.

Microphone Muting: Muting the microphone now works. Nothing is recorded or sent when the mic is muted from the Skype UI. Thanks to Brian for pointing it out.

Call Distortion: Fixed a bug which used to distort the call on Windows XP. Thanks to Jean for helping us test the fix.

Lock Up Issue: Fixed a bug which used to lock up the computer when starting or stopping the recording. Thanks to Gabe for tyring out the numerous private binaries.

Vista Crash: Fixed a crash which used to happen on Vista when the recording was being stopped.

Please update now. Dont forget to authorize Call Graph after the update.


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