Call Graph

Call Graph

New Features

Recording Enhancements: Several enhancements have been made to the recording module. A low pass and highpass filter has been added to cut off the background noise. The encoder has been tuned for voice recordings. The recordings will sound much better now.

Skype Connection Handling: Skype connection is now refreshed at each recording start. A notification message is displayed when the connection is successful and an error message when CG cannot connect to Skype after 3 minutes. Login/shutdown of Skype is also now handled properly.

New Servers: We have moved to new faster servers and new domain at The client now works with the new servers.

Bug Fixes:

Browser Launch Failure: Several bugs have been fixed which used to cause browser launch failures. The configuration dialog can be opened from the notification message if the browser cannot be launched.

XP Freezing Issue: Some more fixes have been made to prevent the XP freezing issue.

Please update now. And do not forget to authroize Call Graph to connect to Skype after the upgrade.

5 Replies to “Call Graph”

  1. With the latest version I have had some instances of it not recording any sound and ending up with an mp3 file of silence
    I noticed that the speaker was not showing any flashing lights after a while and stopped, waited a short while then restarted the recording and it managed to show speaker activity and started recording properly again

  2. The good news is that I already did have logging enabled, and have already sent you the logfile in conjunction with my other comment about the buffer overrun

  3. “error message when CG cannot connect to Skype after 3 minutes”

    how can I disable this function – it is relentless and very distracting

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