Advantages Of Recording The Phone Call Interviews Off The Wire

Advantages Of Recording The Phone Call Interviews Off The Wire

Phone Call RecordingThe ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. The quality of the recording becomes especially important if you want to get it transcribed. Traditionally external recorders and speakers have been used to record the call, but if you want to get these calls transcribed, recording off the wire is the best way to ensure good quality. Following are the advantages of recording phone call interviews off the wire

  • Recording a phone call or a teleconference should be done directly, or off the wire, as we say. Using an external device, like a digital recorder, usually results in a sub standard recording.
  • The audio input levels of the recording are not the same. A recording is usually made by the interviewer for later review. In a case like this, the interviewer’s voice will be louder and clearer than that of the interviewee. Seeing that the aim of the interview is to determine what the interviewee has to say, it is very important that his or her input is clear. This is one reason why an off the wire recording is preferred to using an external recording device.
  • An external recording device is also more likely to capture ambient and background noise. Offices can be noisy. The recording may be unclear because of telephones ringing in the background. Even the keystrokes of the interviewer making notes during the interview can negatively influence an external recording.
  • There are also a few technical factors that one should consider when it comes to making recordings of a telephone call. Recorders generally use a sample rate of 44.1 KHz and a bit rate of 128 Kbps. Telephones on the other hand, generally sample at a rate of 8 KHz with a bit rate of 64 kilo bits per second. As you can see these values differ. This means that distortion is very definite possibility due to the extra encoding that takes place.
  • The size of an externally recorded digital file will also be much larger than an off the line recording.

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